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Meeting Minutes 24 April 2017

MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on MONDAY 24th APRIL, 2017 at 6.30pm upstairs in the Council Chamber, Town Hall.


Cllrs A. Wetton – Chairman (MDC), J. Allin – Vice-Chairman (NCC), J. Kerr (MDC), S. Adey (MDC), S. Dale, A. Burgin (MDC), S. Moody, D. Barlow, L. Davies & J. Cockroft.
9 members of public.
PCSO Dee Eyre.
Neighbourhood Warden Steve Davis.
Chad reporter.



Big Warsop Partnership - Cllr. J. Cockroft.
Warsop Town Hall Management Group - Cllrs. J. Kerr, S. Moody and J. Allin.
Warsop Carnival - Cllr. J. Cockroft, S. Moody and S. Adey.
SOS - Cllrs. S. Moody and J. Kerr.
CCTV - Cllr. J. Allin.
Age Concern - Cllr. J. Allin.
Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton.
Market Warsop Players - Cllr. S. Moody.
Meden Vale the Future - Cllrs. J. Allin and J. Kerr.
Warsop Youth Club - Cllrs. S. Moody and J. Cockroft.
Friends of the Carrs - Cllr. J. Kerr.
Warsop's Real Poppy Campaign - Cllr L. Davies.
Assoc of Labour Councillors - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, J. Kerr, S. Moody, S. Adey and A. Burgin.
Inner Wheel - Cllr. J. Brearley.
Christmas Market - Cllr. J. Cockroft.
Let Warsop Speak - Cllrs D. Barlow & R. Butler.


Cllrs J. Brealey and R. Butler.

9634. MINUTES OF THE F&GP MEETING - Wednesday 5th April, 2017

Accepted as a true record.

RESOLVED: The council unanimously agreed 645, 646, 647, 649, 650, 651, 652, 653 and 654 recommendations.
RESOLVED: 648 The Council unanimously agreed that the Clerk should ask Wilkinson Landscaping if he would price match one of the Councils other quotes or at least reduce the amount so that his quote could be accepted.

9635. MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – Monday 20th March, 2017

Accepted as a true record.


Warden Steve Davis said over the last 2/3 months there has been problems with gangs congregating on Carr Lane park and on High Street. He said they have issued CPW’s (Community Protection Warning) to two of the main offenders, one of which had to be issued a CPN (Community Protection Notice) which is the next level up. Following the action that has been taken, he said the issues have reduced which shows it’s had a positive effect. He stated they will continue to monitor and deal with these matters in the same way if they arise again.
He stated another big issue is scrap metal vehicles and that a lot of work has gone into tackling this. He said they have been working with the pro-active team and two days of action have been carried out. 6 vehicles were stopped which resulted in 4 fixed penalties being handed out for no waste carry license, they are £300 each. 3 vehicles were ceased for not having the correct insurance.
The next issue he spoke about was fly tipping. He said from last year until now the figures have shown around a 50% reduction on Oakfield Lane which is the biggest hotspot in the Parish. He explained that there is undercover work currently happening but unfortunately, he can’t discuss this but offenders have been prosecuted, warning letters have been handed out and interviews under caution have taken place. He said last year there were new powers handed out so penalty notices can be given out for fly tipping which has seen several tickets for £200 have been handed out.
He stated that the action that has been taken shows they are being active in the complaints they are receiving and they will continue to actively investigate and monitor the different issues. He said figures and prosecutions that have taken place go in the Chad Newspaper but he will send all the information through to Warsop & District News for the people in the Parish to see.

Cllr Barlow asked if the police were aware of vandalism to the Hammer Water bridge.
PCSO Dee Eyre said they believe it might be kids and they are aware of it.

PCSO Dee Eyre read out a letter from a local resident to Paddy Tipping (Police Crime Commissioner). These covered issues relating to reduced numbers of the police team in the Parish, drugs, anti-social behaviour, immigrants/landlords and fly tipping. Dee stated she believes this may be the opinion of a lot of residents in the Parish and all the issues mentioned are being worked on, monitored and action being taken.

Cllr Barlow asked about the incident on Carr Lane involving a male teenager that she emailed through.
Dee stated the incident has been dealt with, the offender has been spoken to and the victim doesn’t want to make a complaint. Dee apologised for not responding to Cllr Barlow’s email, she didn’t realise Cllr Barlow sent it through.


Karen Hardy spoke about the Stonebridge planning application and the fact that the report does not marry up with the information they have received from MDC. This application will be at the planning committee on 2nd May 2017. She said LWS will be handing out leaflets and she asked if some leaflets could be placed in the Town Hall. She also asked if any Parish Councillors would be able to come to the planning meeting for support.

A gentleman stated that his wife and himself had read through the report and he was concerned that there was no mention of the sewage system. He asked that as there was no mention of upgrading the sewage system, who be responsible for paying for this as it’s already at capacity.

Maureen Briggs said Severn Trent have stated that its unlikely the system can cope. She said she was concerned about a number of issues in the report.
She also informed the council that she has still not had a reply from Bev Smith regarding the sports centre.


Cllr Barlow said that a lot of the things in the report that have been promised are conditional and no proof or evidence has been provided.

Cllr Burgin stated he couldn’t understand why MDC officers are pushing this application through.

The Chairman stated this is an outline application. The Local Plan has not yet been adopted by MDC and the site is outside the urban boundary although it is an approved plan. He said this won’t be approved or go to a government inspector until next year.

The Chairman and Cllr Kerr left the meeting while the Council discussed this planning application further as not to cause a conflict of interest as both councillors are on the planning committee.

Cllr Allin (Vice-Chairman) chaired the meeting.

Cllr Barlow stated if outline planning is agreed then full planning is normally granted. Cllr Barlow asked if the Parish Council would assure LWS that Parish Councillors, District Councillors and the Notts County Councillor would support them against this application.
Cllr Burgin seconded this and the Council unanimously agreed to support LWS against this application.

Cllr Allin said 400 houses plus the Rectory development and 48 houses on another site is an incredible number of houses for Warsop.
Cllr Barlow said that just over 700 houses were the allocation amount for Warsop and another 200 would total the amount required.

Cllr Adey proposed that the Parish Council demand a proper infrastructure strategy for the A60 from the Rectory all the way to Sookholme before any more developments go ahead.

Cllr Moody seconded this and the Council unanimously agreed.

The Chairman and Cllr Kerr were invited back into the meeting.

9638. AUDIT

The Clerk informed the Council that the internal audit will take place on Wednesday 17th May at 9am. The Annual Return pack has been received from Grant Thornton, this is the last time working with Grant Thornton as a new external auditing firm has been confirmed for the next 5 years.


The website was covered under the F&GP meeting minutes, minute 646.


Cllr Cockroft stated the committee have confirmation from Pauline Wright that alcohol will be allowed to be sold on the Carnival again this year. The Plough Inn will be doing the bar this year and paying the same contribution as the previous company.


Cllr Adey informed the Council that a new project request has been received by Big Warsop.


Cllr Moody informed the Council that the paper will be out on Wednesday. There will be a piece on Meden Sports Centre from MDC. There is a balance of articles with the front page featuring two couples who are traveling from Warsop to Mongolia and back again. Carnival also features in this month’s paper and due to an increase in new adverts the paper will be 24 pages.


Cllr Moody stated the Neighbourhood Plan Group have gone through various suggestions for a revised draft plan. At the last Parish Council meeting a copy of the revised draft plan was given to councillors so a decision could be made tonight about moving forward to the next stage if the Council agreed.
Cllr Kerr said he has worked on the plan for 3-4 years and he was happy with the revised version.
Cllr Burgin stated the Council need to move this plan forward as MDC are going forward with the Local Plan.
Cllr Barlow said the appendix is missing.
Cllr Moody replied saying that this will be the next stage, not going out to consultation.
The Chairman asked if the Council are happy with the draft plan.
Cllrs Barlow and Burgin spoke about page 53 and that it states that WPC agree to the opening of the railway line. Cllr Barlow stated she does not agree with this.
Cllr Allin said the line will connect to Woodhouse and go through to Nottingham.
Cllr Barlow asked what is the benefit to Warsop.
Cllr Kerr said it would be able to go to Thoresby, Ollerton and people in the Parish could go straight through to Nottingham. Once finished he would hope people could then travel to Newark and Retford. This is a long-term project and will take a while to complete.
Cllr Allin said it could be opened up to Newark and Skegness.

Cllr Moody stated this issue hasn’t come to Full Council before.

The Chairman said its aspirational but if it does open up to Newark then this would be something of interest as it would be a quick route to London.
Cllr Kerr stated it would be good for the people of the Parish who can’t drive.

Cllr Barlow asked the Council to vote on if the railway line opening needing to be in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllrs Wetton and Moody abstained from voting.
RESOLVED: The vote was 6 to 2 in favour of keeping the opening of the railway line in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Adey said that surely freedom of movement in and out of the Parish along with the hope it would take pressure off the roads is a good thing.

Cllr Burgin agreed with Cllr Barlow that he can’t see the benefit to the Parish.


Current Account - (As of 21st April 17) £91,439.52
(£5000 donation for C.A.B.)
Premier Account (Reserves) - (As 17) £33,766.86
2 Shires Credit Union (Reserves) - £15,000

All payments were agreed to be paid.

  • Payments already paid:
    • V01625. D2 Studio re issue (V01624) now (V01625) - £1,000
    • V01626. Cash – Delivery of W&DNs - £380.00
  • Payments due to be paid:
    • V01627. Cash – Petty Cash - £70.00
    • V01628. Second Element - £176.40
    • V01629. Minster Cleaning - £588.83
    • V01630. Citizens Advice Service - £5,000
    • V01631. Office Essentials - £37.64
    • V01632. Scribe (Account Software) - £416.40
    • V01633. Warsop Youth Club - £4,000
    • V01634. Richard Parker (Replace pump) - £160.00
    • V01635. Richard Parker (Faulty boiler) - £121.56
    • V01636. Mortons - £1,226.00
    • V01637. Carnival - £4,000
    • OLB5. MDC Payroll Services - £1,314.18
    • OLB6. MDC Trade Waste Recycling - £109.72
    • OLB7. MDC Trade Waste Collections - £450.32

9645. CORRESPONDANCE – Warsop United Charities

The Chairman read out the letter from Warsop United Charities. It asked if a member of the Council would become a trustee on their committee after the loss of Cllr Crawford.
Cllr Moody stated that normally the Council provide two representatives, the Chairman and another Parish Councillor.
Cllr Burgin asked the Clerk to find out more information on the role as he would be interested in becoming a trustee.


Cllr Allin stated that the last meeting of Welbeck Colliery (Meden Park) was on 22nd March. Issues with drainage have been sorted so the water doesn’t drain down into the village anymore. Harworth Estates and Tetra Point are looking at the site to be agreed for 65 properties. Acre Energy are now back to full production after a slight fire which was deliberate. Other companies that are interested in coming to the site are a CO2 company and a brewery. The next meeting is on 21st June at 10am.

Cllr Allin stated he would be finishing as County Councillor a week on Thursday and Cllr Wetton would be running for County Councillor.

Cllr Burgin thanked Cllr Allin for all his hard work over the years and he would be missed. He wished Cllr Wetton al the best in the upcoming election.
The Chairman also thanked Cllr Allin for his many years of hard work and thanked Cllrs who helped with handing out his election leaflets.


Planning Applications

  • Redbrick House, Peafield Lane Warsop – Variation of condition on planning permission 2008/0283/NT to change from 2 and 3 no bedroom lodges to 1 no bedroom lodge.
  • Moorfield Farm House, Bishops Walk, Church Warsop – Reserved matters application for landscaping on approved outline application 2014/0654/NT (outline application for 17 no dwellings including the reserved matters of access, appearance, layout and scale.
  • 31 Rectory Road, Church Warsop – Single storey side extension and conversion of garage to bedroom.
  • Land adjacent Bella Visa, 65 High Street, Warsop – Application for outline planning permission including the reserved matter of access for 1 no detached bungalow.
  • Church Warsop Memorial Club, Bishops Walk, Church Warsop – Non material amendment (planning application 2014/0654/NT) to provide extra rear garden and increase the distance between plots 1-3 of the A60.
  • 63, 65 and 67 Mansfield Road, Spion Kop - Dropped kerbs to 63, 65 and 67 Mansfield Road, Spion Kop.
  • 14 Clumber Street, Warsop, NG20 0LT - Change of use from retail to residential. (Application ref – 2017/0228/FUL)

The Carrs

Cllr Moody stated the Green Flag looks very tatty.
Cllr Kerr said the date for unveiling Peter Crawford’s bench and the Green Flag still needs arranging.
Cllr Barlow spoke about the Footpaths and Countryside Group asking at the last meeting if the spending of the 106 monies could be changed, has anything been about what was asked.
Cllr Burgin stated he has asked Andy Chambers at MDC but unfortunately the Green Flag was awarded under the condition that what the 106 monies was agreed to be spent on, will be.

The Chad Newspaper reporter left the meeting.

The Chairman suggested 14th or 21st May for the unveiling of Peter’s bench and to arrange/confirm this through emails with the Clerk.

Cllr Adey informed the Council that on Easter Sunday she arranged an Easter egg hunt. 28 residents attended the event from 10.30am – 12.30pm.
She informed the Council that Java Café are looking at providing an outside toilet to be used by visitors to the Carrs.
A log cabin near the car park on the Carrs is also being looked at to provide an information point and another toilet.

Cllr Barlow congratulated Cllr Adey on the Easter egg hunt.

Meden Baths

The Chairman stated the decision was taken to cease management. Over view and Scrutiny had examined a lot of evidence. The Chairman at the final meeting has a vote of no confidence and was allowed to vote for himself twice, this resulted in the majority report favouring the decision that had already been taken. The minority report was different and it had a lot of information put into it, however Cllr Tristram didn’t seem to take into account this report in his decision. Questions were asked by members of the public, Cllrs and Maureen Briggs who regularly attends Parish Council meetings put some really good questions to Cllr Tristram but they weren’t really answered. Maureen Briggs has also written to Bev Smith (CEO), but as of yet to receive a reply. Notice of the decision was released very quickly.

The Chairman stated following the public meeting in February he had written to Mayor Kate Allsop immediately. The Mayor did not reply until the 17th March, a month later. The Chairman read the letter to the council – She stated she couldn’t talk about the Sports Centre because the decision had been called in. She announced she was launching her Mayoral Commission to look at all things in Warsop. She stated the commission would start meeting shortly after the County Council elections and would have an independent Chairman. She also said it would include elected members, relevant portfolio members, education, fire and police representatives, with expert witnesses being called. She said the meetings would not be public meetings.

The Chairman responded to this letter from the Mayor.


Exclusion of Public

In accordance with Public Bodies (admission to meetings) Act 1960 section 1 (2) the Council exclude the public and press from the meeting by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.

Press and public were asked to leave by the Chairman so the discussion of the council’s confidential items could take place.

TOWN HALL – Cllr Adey stated she has a group from Meden School working in the community to clean and paint in the town centre and the Town Hall. She said she has the paint and is ready to paint Spencer’s first and then the Town Hall.

Cllr Cockroft stated she has spoken to the Conservation Officer and she said the Town Hall does not have to be green as previously thought. Cllr Cockroft would like to have a vote on what colour the Town Hall exterior should be painted.

Cllr Kerr asked how will it work with the school children painting the Town Hall. He said they would need 6-8 hours to paint and more time to make sure the surfaces are cleaned and protected before painting can begin.
Cllr Adey stated it has been arranged into different stages. Stage 1 will look at reception area and room 6, all the posters will be removed from the walls, empty all the notice boards and then start rubbing down, filling holes and sanding them down.

Cllr Kerr asked how many hours are they available.
Cllr Adey said the school has suggested Wednesday afternoons are best for them from around 2-4pm.

Cllr Cockroft said she was concerned over the health and safety aspect of this project.
Cllr Adey stated Meden School have taken care of this matter and done all necessary risk assessments.

Cllr Moody said it was a great idea and the Council should be thanking her for the work she has put into it along with the school.

Cllr Adey informed the Council she has got all the paint MDC free of charge. She chose green for the external as that’s the current colour.

Cllr Moody suggested changing the colour and the Parish Council purchase the paint.

The Council agreed that Cllr Adey should go ahead with the internal painting first. The Council will make a decision on the external colour.

Cllr Cockroft informed the Council that she has spoken to our cleaner as this was mentioned at a previous meeting. She said the cleaner would be willing to work for the Parish Council. The cost over the year for the cleaning company we currently use is just over £7,000, using a private cleaner could save around £3,000.

Cllr Moody asked if there is a contract with Minster Cleaning.
The Clerk said Minster have told us that it’s not a contract as such, it just rolls over to the next year.

Cllr Kerr said him and Peter Crawford had been looking into new windows for the Town Hall. He now knows the corner shop and the Plough Inn have had plastic windows put in so the Parish Council may be able to look into other options now.


Monday 15th May 2017

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