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Annual Meeting Minutes 15 May 2017

MINUTES of the Parish Council Annual meeting held on MONDAY 15th May, 2017 at 6.30pm upstairs in the Council Chamber, Town Hall.


Cllrs J. Allin - Chairman, J. Cockroft - Vice-Chairman, J. Kerr, (MDC), J. Brealey, S. Moody, S. Adey (MDC), L. Davis, D. Barlow, A. Burgin, R. Butler and S. Dale.
8 members of public.



I could not start my report without first reflecting on the passing of Cllr Peter Crawford (13 September 2016). Peter faced the challenge of his illness as he did any problem, head on and determined to defeat his cancer. He continued to work as a Councillor for Carrs Ward, ensuring the Parish Council was financially organised and prepared for the challenges ahead. Peter survived his illness long enough to see his beloved Carrs awarded Green Flag status – a fitting tribute to his hard work and the Parish Council remembered Peter only yesterday at the official recognition ceremony of his tribute bench on the Park.

Peter’s death left this Council and the constituents he served with a huge void to fill and we have all had to work extremely hard as a team to overcome many tough challenges we have faced this last year. As the saying goes ‘life goes on’, this is never clearer than in the Circle of Life. Following Peter’s death, a By- Election was called for his Carrs Ward with Andy Burgin being elected to serve on MDC as a Labour Councillor. Following the By-Election for MCD, the Parish Council met to co-opt members. Having been interviewed, a strong list of candidates was presented for Co-option and the resultant vote Debra Barlow, Roy Butler and Andy Burgin were welcomed as new Parish Councillors.

Unfortunately, although planning permission for a new supermarket and demolition of the old cinema was passed by MDC, the Sainsbury/Netto deal fell through and we are no nearer to getting a new supermarket.

A recent development has seen a business man make enquiries into renovating and re-opening our old cinema building with the aim of bringing it back into use. This may come forward as a project in coming months.

The shops on Sherwood Street were sold at auction and new owners have successfully let flats above and two new businesses have been established. Sadly, two other shops opened but closed due to economic climate. However, the shops have been tidied up and we can look forward to more shop units being let in the future.

Again, I wish to thank members of the public who regularly attend our Parish Council meetings. Firstly, their interest was fuelled by the locale and Neighbourhood Plans and the Pegasus development in the Stonebridge area of Town.

Things have progressed with the outline planning application being considered by MDC on 2 May 17. This resulted in a huge public attendance but after a lengthy presentation, many speakers including Cllrs Debra Barlow, Andy Burgin and Sharon Adey, the decision was deferred for the Planning Committee to make a site visit. (This is likely to be June this year).

MDC are hoping to go out once more for consultation on their Local Plan during July this year.

The Parish Council is now in a position to accept our Neighbourhood Plan and I thank all members of the public who have met with Councillor Moody and our committee to finalise our Draft. Cllr John Kerr welcomed the input and confirmed the Council is now ready to put our Neighbourhood Plan to MDC for consultation.

Despite former Cllr Peter Crawford obtaining assurances that MDC would contribute to pay Rate Support Grant at £17,000 until 2018/19, Mayor Allsop and her Cabinet wasted no time reversing the decision and removing this support to the Parish Council.

Facing a huge hole in Parish Council finances due to the removal of this support we had a very difficult budget meeting where we were forced to increase our precept by £4 per Band D property. I thank all the Public who attended the meeting and the support given when we had to make this difficult decision. Mayor Allsop and her Cabinet then took the decision to consult on ceasing the management of Meden Pool. This generated huge interest and I again thank all members in our Campaign to Save Our Pool from Closure. Firstly, we had a Public Petition of over 2000 signatures but this debate at Council (MDC) was cut short ‘as not Council business but a decision for the executive’.

As a Parish Council, we arranged a Public Meeting at Meden School that was very well attended – it was evident that the Mayor and Portfolio holder, Cllr Andrew Tristram, were not in possession of vital information, failing to answer many questions put to them by members of the public. Despite appeals by many to Cllr Tristram to defer taking his decision, he duly went on to take that decision 3 days later.

Members of the public and Cllr Joy Brealey were treated appallingly at the Decision meeting. Mansfield Labour Councillors called in the Decision for Scrutiny. During the Scrutiny Process a dedicated team of members of the public were again treated badly by MDC, with their questions not given proper answers and bear witness to Cllr Tristram belligerently sticking to his decision, refusing to accept any of the evidence produced during the questioning within the Scrutiny Process and taking no recognition of the minority report produced by Labour Councillors on the Scrutiny Committee.

Although this decision has been taken the Parish Council will continue to explore ways to facilitate a new build Centre, maintaining the current Pool in the meantime.

On a brighter note, I was honoured to lead our Carnival parade in July and thank Cllr Jen Cockcroft and her committee for all the hard work to stage our Event – still the best show in the District.

I also was extremely proud to march on Remembrance Sunday to lay our Poppy Wreath at the Cenotaph. The Royal British Legion do a fantastic job each year and the Parish Council gives our unconditional support.

Barry Snowdon moved on to become a Neighbourhood Warden and I presented Barry with a memento to commemorate his tremendous work efforts in his time as Street Cleansing for MDC in Warsop.

Chris Wilson retired from her position as Clerk’s Assistant and we wish her well. I have thanked members of the Public for the support the Parish Council has received over the last 2 years. I have not mentioned you by name as I did not want to offend anyone by leaving them out. You all know who you are. Your attendance at our meetings, commitment to follow up and support the Parish Council through numerous tough issues we have been faced with is both welcome and has helped Councillors in their constant struggle to get Warsop a fair share of investment from Mansfield District Council.

Thank you all.

I thank all Parish Councillors for their support and contributions to the Campaigns the Parish Council has been involved in. As recently elected County Councillor, I intend to follow in Councillor John Allin’s footsteps, working together to get the best outcome for our District.

Finally, I must thank our tremendous staff, Amanda Cooper - Parish Clerk, Gemma Blagg and Lisa Hall for all their hard work particularly the efforts that were made arranging our Public Meeting for Meden Pool, minuting the meeting and ensuring work generated by the Delegated Decision and Call in Process was followed through. Your help, support and commitment have made my job as Chairman so much easier. I applaud you all and wish Councillor John Allin every success in his return as Chairman of our Parish Council.

Thank you for a memorable 2 years.

Andy Wetton - Chairman


Cllr S. Moody nominated Cllr J. Allin, Cllr J. Kerr seconded the motion.
RESOLVED: Cllr J. Allin to be Chairman of Warsop Parish Council.


Cllr J. Kerr nominated Cllr A. Burgin, Cllr S. Dale seconded the motion. Cllr Moody nominated Cllr J. Cockroft, Cllr S. Adey seconded the motion. A vote of 7 – 4 in favour of Cllr J. Cockroft. The Chairman abstained from the vote.
RESOLVED: Cllr J. Cockroft to be Vice-Chairman of Warsop Parish Council.


Declarations of acceptance of office of the Chairman Cllr J. Allin and Vice-Chairman Cllr J. Cockroft was signed and witnessed by A. Cooper, The Proper Officer.


Big Warsop Partnership - Cllr. J. Cockroft.
Warsop Town Hall Management Group - Cllrs. J. Kerr, S. Moody and J. Allin.
Warsop Carnival - Cllr. J. Cockroft, S. Moody and S. Adey.
SOS - Cllrs. S. Moody and J. Kerr.
CCTV - Cllr. J. Allin.
Age Concern - Cllr. J. Allin.
Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton.
Market Warsop Players - Cllr. S. Moody.
Meden Vale the Future - Cllrs. J. Allin and J. Kerr.
Warsop Youth Club - Cllrs. S. Moody and J. Cockroft.
Friends of the Carrs - Cllr. J. Kerr.
Warsop's Real Poppy Campaign - Cllr L. Davies.
Assoc of Labour Councillors - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, J. Kerr, S. Moody, S. Adey and A. Burgin.
Inner Wheel - Cllr. J. Brearley.
Christmas Market - Cllr. J. Cockroft.
Let Warsop Speak - Cllrs D. Barlow & R. Butler.

9655. MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING - Monday 24th April 2017

2 amendments to be made on page 4, an ‘a’ needs adding to agreed and change Cllr Moddy to Moody. Otherwise accepted as a true record.


A report from PCSO Catherine Darby was given to each member of the Council.

Following the recent fire at the side of the post office on the High Street, the beat team have received information and subsequently located the offenders for this offence. This is now being dealt with and an update will be provided in due course.

Motorbikes are still an on-going issue and the off-road bike team will be working along with the beat team in due course to assist with this. This will always be an issue in Warsop due to location but a proactive approach will hopefully send a message out.

As the lights nights are here, we urge anyone experiencing ASB to report this to 101 not PCSO blackberry’s due to leave, rest days etc. If this is not recorded as an incident, the beat team will not be aware of the issues and won’t be able to take a proactive approach to tackle this.

We still need to ensure that bins are kept secure within properties to prevent them being stolen to be later burned on the Hills and Holes.

We are currently working with the local schools to tackle the usual issues of bullying and violence.

Crime prevention advice would be to ensure valuables for removed from any parked vehicles and that sheds are checked and locked.


Eric Hill mentioned the Green Flag Status has still not been celebrated.
He asked if the Moorfield Farm planning application on the agenda is a new one application or the same.
He informed the Council that he has received a form asking him to attend the Mayor’s parade.
He asked if NCC would renew the anti-slip tarmac on the Netherfield Lane junction as its worn out.
He congratulated Cllr A. Wetton on being elected as the new Notts County Councillor and thanked Cllr J. Allin for his many years of service and hard work in this role.

A member of public asked if it would be feasible to make a small charge to our car parks. This would hopefully stop people abusing the car parks and parking there all day and traveling out of town.
He also asked if we had to be tied to MDC or could we become independent.

Karen Hardy said there was a good attendance at the planning committee for the Stonebridge planning application. She brought some more information regarding slow worms to the Council’s attention. LWS have video evidence that is time stamped and has been verified that shows these protected species have returned.
She also mentioned the inaugural meeting about fracking took place last week. She said it was very well attended and more campaigning will be done.


Cllr Barlow stated she has shown the Parish Council the video/photo evidence of the slow worms. These were reported to MDC through the planning portal last July and have been continually reported since then. On advice from Natural England, the senior planning officer for this development should have acted in accordance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and hasn’t as of yet.
The Chairman asked if it would be possible to get specimens ready and all the photos and videos when there is a site visit.
Cllr Barlow said LWS will have everything ready for the site visit on 5th June 17 at 2pm, meeting on Stonebridge Lane. She said if weather permits and there is permission from the farmers, LWS will be able to do a demonstration. She also mentioned that there is evidence of water voles.

Cllr Barlow spoke about fracking and stated the Parish Council should find out the resident’s views on fracking. She said she is concerned about this issue and would like some more in-depth knowledge.
Cllr Moody stated he attended an information meeting on fracking. He said its alarming the plans that they have in place for this area. He is concerned that drinking water could be contaminated when drilling down.
Cllr Barlow asked if the fracking issue could be written into the Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Kerr said he will make enquiries about a Green Flag.

The Chairman stated the Moorfield Farm planning application is the same one.

Cllr Wetton will take the issue about the Eastlands junction to Notts County Council.

Cllr Burgin said he would chase Tim Downes (MDC – Parks and Open Spaces Manager) on the publicity event for the Green Flag Status.

The Chairman said MDC own the car parks apart from the one on High Street which belongs to the Parish Council. He said it would depend on the people in Warsop and if they wanted to put charges on the car park. The Parish Council would have to look into what the costs would be for someone to police it and carry out the necessary work.
Cllr Barlow suggested that the people in the Parish should be consulted and she offered to assist with finding this information.
Cllr Kerr said if something is done about this matter, it shouldn’t be at a cost to the Parish.

The Chairman said he would look into the matter of becoming independent from MDC.


A copy of the financial regulations, risk management and risk assessment was given to all Councillors. Cllr A. Wetton proposed that the Council except these and Cllr S. Moody seconded this proposal.
RESOLVED: It was unanimously agreed to accept these policies.


The Clerk informed the Council about reception not having a PC/laptop to run the CCTV on. The IT consultant the Council seek advice from suggested two options with prices.
These are; Quotes –

  • PC Solution
    Dell Optiplex PC - £408
    Samsung 22" monitor - £85
    Wireless Keyboard and mouse - £20

  • Laptop Solution
    Dell Vostro Laptop - £405
    Wireless Keyboard and mouse - £20

Cllr Cockroft informed the Council that the Clerk, Gemma Blagg and herself met with the conservation officer regarding the Town Hall. The conservation officer stated the Town Hall windows cannot be changed to plastic, they can be replaced like for like or make the repairs required. The perspex can be changed like for like or thicker sheets can be added. The paint colour for the external doors and drain pipes were discussed with dark colours being recommended. She stated black is always a good choice with a lot of Town Centre’s choosing this colour.

A vote of 7-5 in favour of painting the Town Hall external doors black and asking NCC to paint the railings black and gold was taken.
RESOLVED: The external doors of the Town Hall are to be painted black and ask NCC to paint the railings black and gold.

The Council asked the Clerk to retrieve quotes for repair and maintenance works to the windows on the Town Hall.


Cllr Cockroft updated the Council on main arena acts attending the Carnival and the sag meeting that went well.


Cllr Adey read out an email from Lesley Watkins regarding a question that was asked at the last about how much is left in the Big Warsop account.
The funding allocated to the current plan which runs to June 2018 has in the main been allocated, but if a ‘good idea’ comes forward then we can via between budget heading and/or speak to the BIG Local Trust to draw down further funding if necessary.

If everything stays as planned and the current allocated budget is spent between now and next June then there would be £520,687.50 remaining from the £1 million to be drawn down to support the delivery plans going forward.

I hope this makes sense as BIG Warsop have to prove the need for the funding, and propose a plan and a budget which has to be submitted to and approved by the Local Trust in London. The £1 million is not held locally as is often assumed.


Cllr Moody stated the paper would go to print this Friday. The front-page features Let Warsop Speak and Charlotte Henshaw.


Cllr Moody said since the last the working party agreed to work on the appendices but due to planning meeting commitments the group hasn’t met yet. Cllr Moody asked the Clerk to look for the original draft NP so the group could look at the original appendices.
Cllr Barlow suggested that the pathways in the NP need verifying.


Current Account - (As of 23rd May 17) £53,855.31
(£5000 donation for C.A.B.)
Premier Account (Reserves) - (As of 9th May 17) £33,770.98
2 Shires Credit Union (Reserves) - £15,000

All payments were agreed to be paid.

  • Payments already paid:
    • V01638. Shaping Little Stars (S137) - £200.00
    • OLB8. Time Assured (deposit) - £666.00
    • OLB9. Wilkinson Landscaping - £200.00
    • OLB10. D2 Studio (Dec 16) - £1,000
    • OLB11. D2 Studio (Feb 17) - £1,000
  • Payments due to be paid:
    • V01639. Cash – Delivery of W&DNs - £380.00
    • V01640. Cash – Postage - £100.00
    • V01641. Minster Cleaning - £617.98
    • V01642. Mortons - £1,226
    • OLB12. D2 Studio (Apr 17) - £1,000
    • OLB13. D2 Studio (May 17) - £1,000
    • OLB14. MDC Payroll Services - £16,044


Cllr Wetton stated that he has only just been elected. The AGM is on the 25th May and looks like the Conservatives will form a coalition with Mansfield Independent Forum. He informed the Council that he had been recommended for Planning and Licensing and Finance and Major Contracts. He said he would look into the street furniture and railings being re-painted and he would ask for the railings to be black and gold as per the Council’s vote. Eastland’s Lane junction and zebra crossing would be other items he would look into.
Cllr Wetton asked the Chairman if he found any information about the gate that appeared on Burns Lane.
The Chairman stated the gate has been erected because vehicles driving up the lane and blocking the entrance to the water works and drug users are using the lane at night. He said horse riders and people walking will still be able to get through.


Cllr Cockroft explained that MDC have informed us that they will no longer be printing housing benefit forms for the Parish Council.
Cllr Barlow asked if we can find out if this is for other areas or just Warsop.

The Chairman stated that he was worried about the number of houses proposed to be built in the Parish and the demand this will have on the A60.
Cllr Butler suggested a dual carriageway may be needed.
Cllr Wetton mentioned that in the report it suggested more traffic lights would be required. He said a few days ago Virgin were laying some cables at the top of Donny Hill and used a temporary 3-way traffic light system which caused chaos and the queuing traffic was terrible. He said they should give the idea of extra traffic lights more thought.
The Chairman suggested a site meeting should take place with Highways to discuss these issues.
Cllr Barlow stated LWS have sought a Freedom of Information request to NCC Highways which should be back before the next planning date.
Cllr Barlow also said Sookholme Lane is a byway and is used daily by quite a few vehicles. If the planning goes ahead then that lane will be closed to pedestrians and vehicles for a considerable amount of time.

Planning Applications

  • 10 Forest Road, Warsop – Notification of a proposed larger home extension under the town and country planning (general permitted development) (England) order 2015 – single storey rear extension.
  • 10 Dronley Drive, Church Warsop – Two storey side and single storey rear extension.
  • Moorfield Farm (phase 1) and Memorial Club (phase 3) Bishops Walk, Church Warsop – Non-material amendment to planning to planning application 2014/0654/NT (outline application for 17 no. dwellings including the reserved matters of access, appearance, layout and scale) – amendments to house types.
  • Site at Bishops Walk, Church Warsop – Non-material amendment to planning application 2014/0069/NT application for approval of reserved matters for 8 no. dwellings (including appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) following outline planning permission (including the reserved matter of access) for the development of a maximum of 18 no. dwellings (2010/0783/NT – amendments of house types.
  • Former oil depot, Mansfield Rd, Warsop – Proposal for 41 no. dwellings.

The Carrs

Cllr Wetton stated a letter of support for the friends of the Carrs has been written for the lottery bid.
Cllr Cockroft said if the Green Flag Status is re-awarded then a new flag will be issued.
Cllr Kerr mentioned that another park within the District has had physical equipment units installed but the Parish has been overlooked again.

Meden Baths

Exclusion of Public

In accordance with Public Bodies (admission to meetings) Act 1960 section 1 (2) the Council exclude the public and press from the meeting by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.

Press and public were asked to leave by the Chairman so the discussion of the council’s confidential items could take place.


Monday 19th June 2017

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