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Meeting Minutes 20 July 2016

MINUTES of special Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 20th July 2016 at 6.30pm upstairs in the Council Chamber, Town Hall.


Present: Cllrs. A. Wetton Chairman (MDC) J. Kerr, (MDC), S. Moody, S. Adey (MDC), L. Moody and S. Dale.
20 members of public.
Martin Saxton Head of Planning. Andrew Towlerton of Your Locale.


Cllr B. Dawson. Cllr P. Crawford. Cllr J.Cockroft. Cllr J. Allin. Cllr J. Brealey.



Big Warsop Partnership - Cllr. J. Cockroft
Warsop Town Hall Management Group - Cllrs. P. Crawford, J. Kerr, S. Moody and J. Allin.
Warsop Carnival - Cllr. J. Cockroft, S. Moody and Sharron Adey.
SOS - Cllrs. S. Moody, P. Crawford and J. Kerr
CCTV - Cllrs. J. Allin and P. Crawford
Age Concern - Cllr. J. Allin
Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton
Market Warsop Players - Cllr. S. Moody
Meden Vale the Future - Cllrs. J. Allin and J. Kerr
Warsop Youth Club - Cllrs. S. Moody and J. Cockroft
Friends of the Carrs - Cllrs. J. Kerr and P. Crawford
The Friends of Thynghowe - Cllr. B. Dawson
Warsop's Real Poppy Campaign - Cllr. L. Moody
Warsop Vale Village Association - Cllr. P. Crawford
Assoc of Labour Councillors - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, P. Crawford, J. Kerr S. Moody and S Adey
Inner Wheel - Cllr. J. Brearley.


Andrew explained to the Council and public the background of the Neighbourhood plan. The Neighbourhood Plan came about because of the localism act where the Government aimed to transfer powers to the local community and also allows them to shape the local area where required, however, the Neighbourhood plan has to conform with the Local Plan regarding, listed building laws and national planning policies. The Plan talks about all forms of developments, including The Natural Environment, Economic development, Housing and the built environment, community facilities and transport & accessibility.

1800 Neighbourhood Plans have been produced across the country, it is a tool that can be used by local Councils in areas where potential development is required. Andrew went on to say that the Neighbourhood plan should ideally ‘dove tail’ the Local Plan Where ever possible and explained that it does not need to be exact however it does help when the Plans are moving in the same direction and the District Council have been very supportive of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Andrew moved on to talk about the ideas for each area of development - Natural Environment – The view is to protect the smaller areas of the local environment as well as continue to support national designations which are already covered.

Economic Development – policies have been put into place to protect existing employment and measures to support home workers are covered. The aim is to implement subtle actions which encourage employers to us local people.

Town Centre – The plan aims to control the amount of take away restaurants with in the area and create policies to improve shop fronts.

Housing – It is key that the Neighbourhood Plan adopts the number of houses required from the Local Plan, however Neighbourhood Plan needs to focus on the type of housing required in our area.

Community Facilities – All existing facilities are to be protected and the plan encourages the old and outdated facilities to be updated. The small shops located outside of the town centre and vulnerable businesses are also protected.

Transport and accessibility – Although it is difficult for the plan to influence the transport system it encourages public transport and supports the new railway station. The plan will also try to protect public car parks.

Andrew went on to conclude his presentation by saying, any community can produce a Neighbourhood plan however Warsop is the only Parish within Mansfield district that has and it would make sense to work with the Local Plan to avoid the plans being completely different, in which case the Neighbourhood plan would need to be re done. Finally, Andrew reiterates that the Plan is still in draft form.

Andrew went on to conclude his presentation by saying, any community can produce a Neighbourhood plan however Warsop is the only Parish within Mansfield district that has and it would make sense to work with the Local Plan to avoid the plans being completely different, in which case the Neighbourhood plan would need to be re done. Finally, Andrew reiterates that the Plan is still in draft form.

The Chairman introduces Martyn Saxton.


Martyn explains how the district has a large allocation of housing to be built and Warsop will need to absorb some of it. The local plan identifies potential building sites such as the Stonebridge area which has now stimulated interest in the Local Plan.

Martyn advised that the two plans can run hand in hand but on different time lines and the Neighbourhood plan will be decided upon by the people of Warsop via referendum vote and the Local plan will be dealt with via the District council. The draft local plan was done earlier this year and identifies things that need doing and areas of improvement over the district however some parts need to be looked at in further detail, once this is done the next stage of the plan will be ‘Draft Consultation’ which should hopefully be at the end of this year possibly running into next year – Planning applications can be submitted during the time the draft local plan is being worked on and any application will be considered and follow the normal planning application route, this is the case of the Stonebridge development which is still in consultation period, and is likely to go to the planning committee within approximately 2-3 months. If Planning permission is refused the developers have the right to appeal.

At this point the Chairman addressed the council and members of public on this point, stating that there has been a worrying trend across the country where developers have applied for planning permission had it refused by local council then have appealed and have had permission approved due to the Government push on more housing, he continued to say that the only way that development can be stopped is to provide sufficient reason for the area to be unsuitable using greenfield / urban boundary for example. Martyn Saxton agreed that this has happened but that each application is considered on its own merits against saved policies.

The Chairman sees this as a good time to encourage questions from the members of public.

The Chairman opens Public Participation as a Question and answer session in hope that we can cover all questions from the public.


Debra Barlow of the Let Warsop speak group (LWS) explained that the group is not against development or re generation as they agree that Warsop is in need of it. She states that they believe that the Neighbourhood Plan should inform the Local plan in order to enable the community to have their say and put forward their ideas. Debra asks the council and representatives to clarify the relation between the Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan?

Andrew Towlerton answers the question explaining that the Plans need to show general conformity and meet the housing demands for the area, despite how difficult this is to determined sometimes. The Neighbourhood Plan should be slightly ahead and can sometimes disagree with the Local Plan in some areas. The Neighbourhood plan will also have more in depth detail relating directly to certain areas and trees for example.

Debra responds stating that it looks like the Plans are working together with MDC and not the people of Warsop.

Member of public introduced himself as Steven, asked if anything had changed with regards housing post Brexit?

Martyn Saxton replied – An assessment has been done throughout Mansfield Newark and Ashfield regarding housing, it considers Immigration and looks ahead to forecast for the next 20 years, the results are broken down over the district and in to the parish’s.

Steven shares his thought that the idea of development is to enhance an area and its community however when he asked Pegasus what they were adding they admitted to adding nothing despite the Pegasus development in Edwinstowe investing in to a wooded area and schooling issues – Steven continued express his disappointment of the lack of support he is concerned that already there are no places in the local doctors or schools and with no investment made he can only see more problems for Warsop.

Martyn Saxton assured Steven that these sort of issues will be looked at at the application stage and if a problem is detected MDC will advised the developers in order for them to rectify it.

Steven highlighted the survey which had been done for the traffic on Stonebridge estate, he believes that the data collected is false and not representative of the people living there now due to the timing that the survey was done.

Martyn Saxton responded with the fact that this will all be taken into consideration when Notts County Council (NCC) roads and highways department visit the site as part of the planning application process. The Chairman agreed this point and stated that this should be all part of the consultation.

Steven moved on to say that the planning report shows that MDC have sent leaflets regarding the development to 966 houses in the area and the report states that 8% of the targeted area responded on line which he deems to be untrue as when speaking to people in the area they are unaware of such leaflet and when challenging MDC about this they claim it to be a computer error. Steven is also concerned about the amount of ‘holes’ he has personally found within the report for example - He has conducted his own traffic survey on one road in the area and this showed that during peak times such as when people leave for work or come home from work, there was consistent movement of 20-40 vehicles, therefor the roads will be dangerous.

Martyn Saxton assured the public that these concerns will certainly be passed on to NCC.

karen Hardy (LWS) continued by saying that in 2015 NCC Highways stated the A60 to be near capacity as it was. So, when the new development moves in and extra 400 houses are built Pegasus putting traffic lights in on Vale Avenue will not solve the problem.

Mrs Briggs reiterated the fact that the survey was done over the course of one day which was a Wednesday so did not show a true reflection of the traffic movement in that area. She also questioned the number of houses being built if planning is permitted as she has seen different documents showing different numbers ranging from 225 – 490 homes! Her biggest worry is that once permission has been passed for the development the number of houses will increase.

Martyn Saxton confirmed that the application is for 400 houses as it stands, however in the case of the development increasing this they would have to consider it as they would any other planning application.

The Chairman then went back to the issue with traffic and said that NCC will be consulted and will be asked to conduct another survey.

Steve from The local Footpaths & Countryside Group asked if the latest draft plan is available to the public? And went on to mention the meeting held in April 2014 with the Neighbourhood plan team where the group explained the importance of inclusion of footpaths and countryside within the plan and asked if this meeting had informed the Plans?

The Chairman stated that the public are welcome to see it however it is in draft form.

Andrew Towlerton said that the local footpaths are covered in the both the local plan and the Neighbourhood Plan and provisions are in place to protect them. He continued to say that from that meeting held in 2014 the Neighbourhood Plan goes into depth and list particular footpaths that the group want protecting and states the 10 reasons why the Warsop countryside is special and also shows the areas of separation.

Steve mentioned that the meeting held in 2014 had been attended by employees by MDC who represented 2 different departments within the council, they were very keen to put across their views of what they thought should be within the neighbourhood plan. Steve asked if there was a degree of influence to the Neighbourhood Plan from these particular employees who attended the meeting?

Andrew Towlerton explained that the plans come across similar on this part due to the fact that a lot of what the Neighbourhood plan had asked for has actually now appeared in the local plan.

Karen Hardy of LWS – expresses her concern that the consultation was very poorly advertised, which shows in the fact that the group have sent out 4000 leaflets and 70% of the people who have received one knew nothing of the neighbourhood plan. She continued to say that the plan talks about people in percentages as opposed to numbers and would like to know how many people were actually consulted?

Cllr J.Kerr confirmed that they had surveyed approximately 500 People and that they had a stall on Warsop Carnival and Warsop market and advertised via a mobile information vehicle.

Debra Barlow of LWS advised the council that she has kept all records including names and addresses from the responses of the leaflets sent out.

Andrew towlerton stated again that the final decision on the Neighbourhood plan will be made by the community via a referendum vote.

The Chairman stated that creating Neighbourhood and local plans were difficult journeys as these sort of visionary documents creates little or no public interest at the beginning. Several years of consultation culminate in draft plans but generally, major public interest only occurs when developers come forward with proposals. This is the case here as the Neighbourhood and local plans suggest potential areas for new development. Pegasus group have come forward first with a proposal and now an actual planning application. Let Warsop Speak group has raised public interest and the feedback that they are generating is directly impacting into the draft Neighbourhood/local plan consultations and will help to form the final versions of theses planning documents.

Cllr J. Kerr thanked Andrew Towlerton for all of his hard work regarding the Neighbourhood Plan and advised that the procedure now will be for the councillors to read through the draft plan and vote on agreement to accept it or to put forward amendments on behalf of the Council and the Public in order to accept the plan subject to amendments being made.

Eric Hill addressed the council and the public – stating that it had been identified that Warsop is in need of an extra 700 houses and wonders if we do fill this allocation and new planning applications come in after that will they still be accepted?

Martyn Saxton replied to Eric’s question – The local plan has not been adopted/examined yet this will happen at the next consultation stage, he explained that they can only deal with the planning application that is applicable for here and now. If a planning application expires a new application has to submitted and considered with current circumstances in mind.

Debra Barlow of LWS stated that 500 houses have already been built and asked why these were not considered?

The Chairmen explained that the 500 houses that were recently built were in replacement of the old houses that had been demolished as part of the regeneration of the Royal Estate. The chairman added that during the regeneration of the old estate, Warsop lost many families from the community and the local schools were badly effected by falling numbers of pupils.

He asked Martyn Saxton to re assure us that the demands for new services, parks and improved infrastructure are developed alongside the housing development.

Martyn Saxton assures the council that all of these aspects including the 106 contributions will be looked at as they would be for any application of this size.

The Chairman spoke about the current circumstances in the town centre relating to the shops which had been controlled by the receivers, who wanted the shops empty before selling off the properties. Now the shops are empty an auction date has been set. Despite the current state of the buildings a lot of interest has been noted and this will hopefully see them sell on the day at auction.

The Chairman thought that this was a good opportunity to mention that the planning application from NETTO that had been delayed by NCC objections was due to go to planning on the 25th July 2016. The NCC objections have been withdrawn, so the application will now be recommended for approval, including the demolition of the Strand Cinema. However, it is unclear if NETTO will go ahead with the build or sell the land with planning permission.

Debra (LWS) asked why on the planning report does Mike Avery state that an Environment Impact report does not need to be done and reminds the council that the Hills and Holes is a SSSI site with hedge rows which date back thousands of years.

Martyn Saxton advised nothing had been cleared yet and that although the scoping opinion given had stated that the report wouldn’t be needed, they would still need to provide lots of information to support the application.

The Chairman stated that since Jan 2016 the public interest and fantastic representation of LWS has been prominent, he had re assured them that all of the relevant studies would have to be applied to a development of this size, however, now the report is stating that certain reports (EG Environmental Impact Assessment) do not need to be done he understands and shares the disappointment of the group.

Member of public speaks about the impact that heavy rain can have on the areas surrounding the potential development site, it has in the past caused flooding and deposits of sewerage on to resident’s land and local roads, she states that Severn Trent cannot cope now and will simply not cope with an extra 400 houses.

Martyn Saxton responds by saying that Servern Trent will be consulted.

Steven (member of public) asked if this site must be used and urged the council to go out and talk to the public and realise that this is not what they want and that the public are deeply against this development despite the general feeling that it is a 'done deal'.

Martyn Saxton explained that certain councillors are not allowed to get involved with this due to them being on MDC Planning Committee.

The Chairman added that Cllr Kerr and himself would have to leave the Chamber if ever any Parish decisions regarding this were to be made.

Member of LWS group asked if they could have re assurance that everybody around the potential building site will be informed and consulted on the latest development happenings.

Martyn Saxton advised that he will check how many letters were last sent by MDC informing of updates, as he is sure that everybody in the area should have received one.

LWS member concludes with informing the council that the field on the A60 is now for sale and recommends that that site is to be look at.

The Chairman then closes public participation and thanks the public for all of the hard work that they have put into objecting the development on behalf of the concerned community, he also thanks Andrew Towlerton and Martyn Saxton for their time and commitment in answering some difficult questions.

Before closing the meeting, the Chairman asks the council if they would like to add anything – Cllr S Moody explains that there will be two more levels of consultation for the Neighbourhood plan and he asks if the council agree that it would be a good idea to put this on the parish website, Cllr S Adey second this idea and it was agreed that the draft plan will go on to the website.

Cllr S Moody states that the Plan needs to go to the public again, Cllr S Adey echo’s this.

Cllr J Kerr passes on information to the Chairman who end the meeting on a high with fantastic news that Cllr Peter Crawford has had the outcome of the Carrs inspection and is very pleased to inform the community that the Carrs Park now has green flag status.

The Chairman is also pleased to report that Cllr Crawford is doing well and will hopefully be back with us in a few months.

The meeting is closed at 20.32pm.

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