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Meeting Minutes 16 May 2016

MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on MONDAY 16th MAY, 2016 at 6.30pm upstairs in the Council Chamber, Town Hall.


Cllrs. A. Wetton Chairman (MDC), J. Allin Vice-Chairman(NCC) J. Kerr, (MDC), P. Crawford (MDC) J. Cockroft, S. Moody, S. Adey (MDC), J. Brealey, L. Moody and S. Dale.
PCSO Deanie Eyre, Warden Steve Davis, Warden Adrian Tinklin and 8 members of public.


Cllr B. Dawson.



On 7th May last year the District local elections were held and Cllrs A. Wetton, J. Allin, P. Crawford, J. Kerr and S. Moody were elected to the Parish Council unopposed. Cllr J. Cockroft was co-opted on to the Parish Council on the 18th May. The other vacancies on the Parish Council were advertised with a fairly good response received. The councillors already elected then co-opted A. Hardy, S. Dale, S. Adey, L. Moody, B. Dawson and J. Brealey on the 15th June.

We had some issues over the previous 18 months with the Clerk's illness and attendance problems, eventually culminating in the Clerk's resignation in November 2015. This was a worrying time for us all and at a special meeting the Clerk's resignation was accepted. Unfortunately, this triggered mental health issues with a councillor that resulted in the councillor resigning from the Parish Council.

I would like to thank members of the public for attending the parish council meetings. I have been on the council for many years and have never known a sustained period where the public have attended. In the last 6 meetings the public have been really productive and it's nice to see them taking an interest.

In August last year the Netto development was being discussed for the Eastwood site and the issue with the shops in the town centre were topics on the agenda. We have moved forward with the help of the public through various petitions. Netto will go to the planning committee at the end of May 2016, so hopefully we will be looking at a new supermarket and the demolition of the old cinema building.

The District Local Plan consultation caused concern for the public. We explained that it was only aspirational and this is something the District Council continues to work on. The consultation period finished and the officers at MDC are looking through all the responses from the public. The planned development on Sookholme Lane by Pegasus group then followed. This created a lot of public interest which is welcome and we had several meetings with a very healthy public participation. We look forward to further public engagement as these proposals progress through the planning system.

We were ably helped this year by our finance officer Cllr Peter Crawford who helped deliver us a nil increase in the Parish Precept. I would like to thank Cllr Crawford for his tremendous leadership as the council finance officer, he has always kept a tight rein on all the finances and he has ensured that the Parish Council is a viable organisation.

I would like to thank all the other councillors as well for their efforts this year, you have all done a great job and I think we have actually moved the town forward. One of the highlights being Boyes coming into town taking over the old Nisa building which we as a Parish Council were proactive with. The disappointment of the situation on Sherwood Street with the shops is ongoing with the receivers first trying to let them but then taking them out of the letting market again and looking to sell them. As a Parish Council we will continue to press for a solution more helpful to our town.

We have had problems with I.T. causing us problems with our audit but these issues will be resolved in the coming weeks. We have recuited 2 excellent new front of house staff, Gemma and Lisa. The advert for these roles attracted a lot of attention with 29 CV's received and a shortlist of 10 excellent candidates for interviews. We went on to make excellent appointments.

I would like to thank all the Parish Councillors for their hard work and all members of the public for attending and thank Amanda (Parish Clerk) for making my job a little bit easier.


Cllr P. Crawford nominated Cllr A. Wetton, Cllr J. Kerr seconded the motion. All agreed for Cllr A. Wetton to be Chairman of Warsop Parish Council.


Cllr J. Kerr nominated Cllr J. Allin, Cllr P. Crawford seconded the motion. All agreed for Cllr J. Allin to be Vice-Chairman of Warsop Parish Council.


Declarations of acceptance of office of the Chairman Cllr A. Wetton and Vice-Chairman Cllr J. Allin was signed and witnessed by A. Cooper, The Proper Officer.


The Parish Council have decided to advertise the post throughout the Parish and in Warsop & District News. The deadline will be 24th June 2016.


Big Warsop Partnership - Cllr. J. Cockroft
Warsop Town Hall Management Group - Cllrs. P. Crawford, J. Kerr, S. Moody and J. Allin.
Warsop Carnival - Cllr. J. Cockroft, S. Moody and Sharron Adey.
SOS - Cllrs. S. Moody, P. Crawford and J. Kerr
CCTV - Cllr. J. Allin
Age Concern - Cllr. J. Allin
Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton
Market Warsop Players - Cllr. S. Moody
Meden Vale the Future - Cllrs. J. Allin and J. Kerr
Warsop Youth Club - Cllrs. S. Moody and J. Cockroft
Friends of the Carrs - Cllrs. J. Kerr and P. Crawford
The Friends of Thynghowe - Cllr. B. Dawson
Warsop's Real Poppy Campaign - Cllr. L. Moody
Warsop Vale Village Association - Cllr. P. Crawford
Assoc of Labour Councillors - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, P. Crawford, J. Kerr S. Moody and S Adey
Boyes - Cllr J. Cockroft.

Cllr P. Crawford asked for his name to be removed from Age Concern.


Monday 18th April, 2016. Accepted as a true record.


The council agreed to all of the recommendations.

581. Recommend: We follow the advice of the I.T. Consultant and change the system so that all data is backed up every day and this will provide better security. Buy a new computer for the Clerk that has separate tower and to set up new broadband from BT so that all Parish council staff can work from the same network.
Recommend: To accept the quote from Richard J Parker for the toilets as this represents best value when VAT is reclaimed.

583. Recommend: All policies to be accepted.

584. Recommend: To purchase Scribe 2000 (£245+VAT) to help with the council accounts.

585. Recommend: Cllr Barry Dawson to have responsibility for collecting advert money.

586. Recommend: A thank you letter to be wrote and sent to Karen, Kenny and Bev.

587. Recommend: A new advert for the casual vacancy be put in Warsop & District News.

588. Recommend: £4000 for the Carnival.

589. Recommend: Minutes from the meeting 23/10/2014 be ratified by full council and the proposal be acted upon. Poppy Committee members will have full responsibility for sales, storage, stock, money and other property of the Poppy Committee, not Parish Council staff.

590. List of courses for new councillors
Recommend: Contact NALC.

Infotech (Mike Johnson)
Recommend: Set up a meeting with Mike to see how the council can help following the loss of courses from West Notts College.

Funfair (Carrs)
Recommend: This matter to be looked into with District Council Parks Manager as no ward councillors have received information about the fairground. It is not a regular fair.

Karen Emm (W&DN's advert)
Recommend: Re-invoice her for a ¼ page for this month only as per editor's instructions. The advert should be a ¼ page from now on.


The Chairman introduced PCSO Deanie Eyre to update the Council on crime and disorder within the Parish.
PCSO Eyre proceeded to read an email sent from Sargent Neil Priestley which contained the following information - "we now have our speed watch vehicle and equipment, and will be organising dates throughout the summer, please inform us of any specific areas which can be targeted and also please continue to forward details of local crime, such as drug dealing so that we can progress with warrants.
I have reviewed crimes recorded within the Warsop area over the past three months: Burglary Dwellings - 3 in total, which are mainly sheds and garages. Vehicle crime - 8 in total. 7 relate to items being stolen from inside the vehicles, and 1 relates to theft of a motor bike from the owner's yard.

We have specific PCSO's who conduct revisits to vehicle crime victims, to obtain additional information and offer crime prevention advise.

Criminal damage - 23 cases in total. Serval relate to vehicles being keyed and a suspect has been identified for these and enquiries are being progressed accordingly".
PCSO Eyre continues the update and elaborated, she stated the speed watch vehicle was an Astra Estate model and that 7 of the vehicle crimes mentioned had taken place at the same time and the offender had been identified via CCTV. She also stated that the suspects regarding the motor bike theft have been questioned however no charges have been made as of yet. PCSO Eyre confirmed that criminal damage can be anything from bus shelters and parks to vehicles and that in the case of the 23 total issues, a number of which were during the same night. PCSO Eyre went on to talk about Anti - social behaviour and admits that there has been some community tension building in certain areas, however in the cases which have been reported, it has been put down to "six of one and half dozen of another". The Police have arranged monthly HMO (Housing Multi Occupancy) meetings with the relevant councillors to try to combat the issues arising. The update was concluded with information that is held on certain occupants within Warsop who have been spoken to by the local police after reports have been made regarding the sale of scrap metal without the relevant licence needed to do this, they have been issued with a fine and advised that they cannot move anymore of their scrap until the correct licence is obtained and a certificate can be shown to prove this.

Warden Steve Davis continued with his local update - the neighbourhood wardens are still working hard on ensuring that all vehicles with no road tax are taken off the road and he assured the council that they had removed a number already, one off road bike has been ceased from Meden Vale and the owner has been prosecuted after the bike was tracked back to a Meden Vale address. On Sunday 15th May 2016, two bikes were also ceased by two officers. Steve urged the council and the public to report every case of off road bikes in order for a timeline to be created giving the police more opportunity to catch them. PCSO Eyre reiterated this by saying that this is the first time in over a year that we are able to have the assistance of an off road police team in our area and that this team is the only team able to give chase to off road bikers. By calling 101 and reporting incidents relating to off road bikes it enables the police to form patterns and gives the PCSO's enough evidence to request the off road team's help. Warden Steve Davis continued with the issue of fly tipping which seems to have increased a lot as over a dozen cases have been reported to the council, Steve admits that the prosecution process is a slow one however when a prosecution is achieved it will be advertised in order to help prevent further fly tipping. Finally, Steve highlighted the 8 week campaign that has been running which covers responsible dog ownership. The wardens team have been patrolling the park's checking that all dog owners are carrying dog bags and that the dog/dogs have been micro chipped as per the law. The campaign has been a successful exercise.

Councillor Peter Crawford thanked PCSO Eyre and the neighbourhood wardens for their hard work in the prosecution of the dangerous dogs that had been reported previously.

PCSO Eyre added that she had been approached by a security firm who was enquiring about holding an open day regarding security in home's and that she had suggested that they hold a stall on the upcoming carnival, to which Councillor Cockroft agreed.


Bill Power stated that slowly more public are attending the meetings because more things are happening in the Parish. He also mentioned the Strand building and Netto petitions. He stated they had over 1000 signatures for the Strand building petition, over 1000 signatures for the Netto supermarket and for both the Strand and Netto there were over 1000 signatures for that petition too. He suggested a proposal to the council that if Netto do open a supermarket here could you consider Tina Brown, Marie Gibson and Cllr Sharron Adey to open the store.

A member of public asked about a traffic survey on the A60 that has taken place within the last few weeks. She would like to know how this has come about other than just for traffic purposes. Is this anything to do with the Local Plan and are the council aware of this.

Karen Hardy updated the council on the Let Warsop Speak group survey. She said they have had 829 responses and they had only 10 that agreed with the Local Plan. She said they will need to make a decision on where to go with the petition and survey once they have collected them all.


Cllr S. Moody thought that Bill's idea was great and hoped that Netto may ask the council for recommendations on this matter.
The Chairman said that the council can certainly suggest it but it wouldn't be our place to push the opening. He stated that it was an admirable idea and maybe do a feature in Warsop & District News about the group that has been at the for front of the project.
Cllr Cockroft stated that when Boyes opened their store they had their own in house way of dealing with store openings.

Cllr Allin stated that Notts County Council do regular surveys on the roads, for instance the A614 is being resurfaced. He mentioned that there has been no outcome as of yet. He also asked if members of the public could let him know if any of the bollard lights are not working.
The Chairman said he wondered if it had anything to do with the recent accidents in Spion Kop.

The Chairman addressed the responses that the Let Warsop Speak group received on the proposals of Pegasus and he said it's fairly emphatic that the responses they have had are mostly against the proposals. He said that as we have expressed at previous meeting that the work your group as done is invaluable in producing evidence should the proposal come as a proper planning application. The Chairman thanked the group for all of their hard work.

Cllr Peter Crawford read out some information from the Local Plan Draft copy.
The Mansfield Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2008 identifies the flood risk constraints. The River Meden flows to the south of the villages of Meden Vale, Church Warsop and North of Market Warsop. The flood risk assessment confirms that north of Market Warsop is adjacent the River Meden and has experienced historic flooding, in particular on the A60 and Church Road. Some existing properties and roads are within zone 3 at high risk of fluvial flooding. Development should avoid those areas defined as flood zones 2 and 3. The area to the north east of Market Warsop is also characterised by low permeable soil where there is increased risk of surface run off, and therefore would not be suitable for development.


All covered under the F&GP Meeting.


Cllr Cockroft proceeded with the fact that the carnival committee had had an issue regarding a DPPO (Designated Public Place Order) however it had been solved and no extra security measures need to be taken this year and that the information has been sent via email to Andy Clarke at the Police advising that the carnival will be held in the same way as previous years. First Aid services have been arranged at no cost and an ambulance will be booked soon also. The latest update on the new amphitheatre located on the carnival site is that is growing nicely. Cllr Cockroft announced that the Treasurer of the committee - Phil Shields has left due to his own work commitments and stated that moving forward she will be taking over his role for the 2016 carnival. Cllr Cockroft advised the council that the carnival is still taking stall bookings and will be up to the date of the carnival however food stall bookings will be signed off no later than 6 weeks prior to the event. All stall holders have been and will be advised that no alcohol is to be held on the stalls.
Cllr Cockroft announced that they had booked popular local band Ferocious dog members to play at the carnival, however no other music as yet.


Cllr Cockroft informed the council that Big Warsop's AGM is coming up.


Cllr Stuart Moody advised that Warsop News June edition is due for print on Friday 20th May 2016 and the full front page will be dedicated to the upcoming carnival event and that an exciting article on a local man Jake Ball who has been called into the England Cricket test squad will also be featured.
Cllr S. Moody stated the finance update shows a loss however when collection of monies and taking account of council sponsored pages will see that the paper is in profit.

Cllr Crawford stated that the bad debts for the paper need chasing urgently.


No report.


All payments were agreed to be paid.

  • Payments already paid:
    • V01500. Warsop Computers (Printer) - £87.00
  • Payments due to be paid:
    • V01501. Cash - Delivery of W&DNs - £380.00
    • V01502. Cash - Postage - £70.00
    • V01503. Minster Cleaning - £588.83
    • V01504. Mortons - £1,163.00
    • V01505. Mansfield Fire & Safety (Extinguishers Service) - £128.40
    • V01506. City Electrical Factors (Fluorescent tube recycling) - £29.04
    • V01507. MDC - Tree works at the church - £1,080.00
    • V01508. D2 Studios - £1,000.00
    • V01509. Second Element - £192.00
    • V01510. MDC - Payroll Services - £15,056.41
    • V01511. Konica Minolta - £252.69

Cllr Crawford brought to the council's attention that the tree works at the church was to cut back the number 13 tree at St Peter's & St Paul's. He also made the council aware that he had asked Tim Downes for a break down for the invoice regarding the tree work and read it out to the council.
Cllr Brealey stated that the works to the tree had not been completed and the main tree had not had any work done to it.
Cllr Crawford also stated that the MDC Payroll Services payment was for 4 members of staff from April 16 - September 16.


Cllr Allin informed the council he had a few items to report on. The first being the Robin Hood Line and that Notts County Council have met with the Minister for Railways and everything is looking good.
Cllr Kerr asked if this would be happening without Pegasus to which Cllr Allin replied it would be going ahead without Pegasus and there is nothing in the report mentioned about Pegasus. This is being discussed by the Railway Minister, the MP for Sherwood, Mark Spencer and Notts County Council.

Cllr Kerr asked if there was an estimation of how much it will cost.
Cllr Allin said the cost would be 12.2 million because they have to do some adjustments to the line due to it being a coal line and it rides harder than a passenger line.
The second item he reported on was the Welbeck Colliery site. He informed the council that things are progressing pretty rapidly at the moment. The next meeting will be on the 22nd June 2016. They are getting on well with the pit tip and have grassed the big area and are planting trees. Two of the digesters have been completed and the 3rd one is nearly finished and it will be in full production between June and September.
Cllr Crawford asked if it would be possibly for the Parish Council to have an invitation to go and have a look at the work that’s been done. Cllr Allin said he would ask on his next visit.

Cllr Kerr asked about the building of units off Netherfield Close and the member of public on Netherfield Lane who has a number of cars would like a big unit. Cllr Allin advised that the member of the public comes to the next meeting with Harworth Estates to discuss this. He also mentioned that they will build the units when people actually agree they want one.

Cllr Allin also stated that along with the digester, there is a company coming that can use the gas produced from the digester and turn it into dry ice and another idea is that it can be turn it into petroleum for lorries and buses. A forth company that is coming to site and working with Welbeck Estates is Roger Wright.

Cllr Allin also mentioned that on the traffic crossings there is now thimble shaped button underneath that will rotates around when it is safe to cross the road for users who are visually impaired.


Planning Applications

Cllr Brealey asked why some planning applications do not have postcodes on, she noticed this while she was searching and she found the solar farm application had crept back in.

The Chairman informed the council that the Netto planning application would be coming to the planning committee on the 31st May 2016. He stated that Bill Power has already written them a letter and will be speaking at the meeting. The Chairman said it would be a good idea to have 2 speakers to talk to the planning committee. If anyone wanted to speak at that meeting they would need to make an appointment.

The Carrs

Cllr S. Adey informed the council of a member of public banging their head on a sign that is low and leaning to one side. She stated it had been reported and that there is another sign near the car park that looks dangerous.
Cllr Crawford said he would look in to this matter.

Meden Baths

Cllr Kerr informed the council that he wrote letters to various organisations regarding funding for the Swimming Baths but he hasn't had any replies. He stated that there will be a petition from MDC that will be forwarded to the Clerk and that he was hoping to speak to the Scouts and Girl Guides for them to go around the Parish and collect signatures.
The Chairman stated that Cllr Crawford said that all the Parish Councillor’s should all sign the petition as lead petitioners and if councillor’s are in favour then your details will be put on the petition.


Monday 20th June, 2016

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