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Meeting Minutes 13 November 2018

MINUTES of the Finance and General Purposes Working Party meeting held on WEDNESDAY 13th NOVEMBER, 2018 at 5.30pm in the Town Hall.


Cllrs J. Cockroft (Chair), A. Burgin (Vice-Chair) L. Davis and J. Kerr.
Amanda Cooper (Clerk)




811. Declarations of Personal and Prejudicial Interest

Age Concern - Cllr. J. Allin.
Assoc of Labour Councillors - Cllrs A. Burgin, J. Allin and J. Kerr.
Big Warsop Partnership - Cllr. A. Burgin.
CCTV - Cllr. J. Allin.
Friends of the Carrs - Cllrs J. Kerr and A. Burgin.
Friends of Warsop Vale - Cllr A. Burgin.
Meden Vale the Future - Cllr J. Allin.
SOS - Cllr J. Kerr.
Staffing Committee - Cllrs J. Cockroft and A. Burgin.
Warsop Town Hall Management Group - Cllrs J. Kerr and J. Allin.
Warsop Youth Club - Cllr J. Cockroft.
Welbeck Colliery the Future (Meden Park) - Cllrs J. Allin, J. Kerr.

812. Parish Council Staff (Reception)

The Chair and Cllr Kerr spoke about employing another receptionist. At the recent interviews, 2 candidates were well suited to the role but there was only 1 position available. This would mean that the Town Hall would benefit from greater cover and volunteers would be working alongside a council employee. The Clerk informed members that the current receptionist was concerned about the role being shared.

RECOMMEND: Michelle Ward (current receptionist) is offered a permanent contract and the other candidate is offered a fixed term contract until Lisa Hall’s return to work.

813. Warsop & District News

Cllr Kerr was unsure if Stuart Moody was continuing as editor now, he is no longer a Councillor.

RECOMMEND: The Clerk is to contact Stuart Moody.

814. Town Hall project with Big Warsop

Lesley Watkins from Big Warsop spoke to the Clerk about working together on a possible funding opportunity. Big Warsop and the Parish Council would invest the same amount of money and apply to NCCs Local Improvement Scheme for match funding. The funding would be used for redecorating and making the Town Hall more presentable (room hire). Big Warsop were already planning to spend a certain amount of money on redecorating their room and bringing it up to a working standard. The Clerk asked if this is something the Council would consider looking into.

RECOMMEND: The Clerk is to speak to Big Warsop about the finer details of this project and if its viable.

815. Audit

The Clerk informed members that the audit has been contested. The external auditors haven’t given any more information on this matter.

816. S137 – The Oaklands

Members viewed the S137 application and supporting documents. The amount required from the Council is £3000. The project is to renew the worktops and the sink units in the Oaklands community building and will cost £4,699.14. Members questioned a number of points on the application relating to funding sources and bank statements.

RECOMMEND: The Clerk is to go over the application form with them and make them aware of the points the Council made and other funding sources that are available. The Council are happy to look at this application again when they have secured more funding.

817. Quotes – (Church Yard Tree Works, Clock Room, W&DNs Printing and Design

The annual tree inspection showed a number of trees in need of attention and three companies were contacted and asked to quote for the work. The section of trees that required work with a time period of 1 – 5 years will be looked at next year.

RECOMMEND: Parkin Contractors Ltd offered a detailed description of work and were the best value for money at £2,410.00.
Quotes were retrieved for re plastering the wall in the clock room that had an issue with damp and the plaster falling away.

RECOMMEND: KHTE quoted a competitive price compared to other companies as they wanted to win the Parish Councils business. There price was £758.40
The Contracts for Warsop News printing and design are due to be renewed. 3 competitive quotes were obtained.

RECOMMEND: The Council are to wait until January when W&DNs will be due its yearly review. Once the council have decided if there will be any changes then the quotes can be re-looked at.

818. Hearing Loop Service

The hearing loop is due its annual service and the cost is £320.00 from the company that installed it.

RECOMMEND: The Council are to decide whether to go ahead with the service or not.

819. Any Other Business

The Clerk informed members about a maintenance issue that Mike Johnson reported about the men’s bathroom floor. Professional advice suggested that the floor has blown in a certain area.

RECOMMEND: The Chair asked the Clerk how far she had gotten with the new policies and if they would be ready for when they are needed.
The Clerk said she was progressing nicely with them and they would be ready for when they are need.
Cllr Burgin asked what can be done about the flag being caught on the roof.
The Clerk will try and wind the flag to the top of the pole and if that doesn’t work then extra rope can be used to pull it across the roof and untangle it.

These will be presented to Full Council on 19th November 2018.

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