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Meeting Minutes 9 January 2018

MINUTES of the Finance and General Purposes Working Party meeting held on TUESDAY 9th JANUARY, 2018 at 5.30pm in the Town Hall.


Cllrs J. Allin (Chairman), J. Cockroft (Vice-Chairman) and S. Moody.


Cllrs S. Adey (MDC), W. Williamson-Cooper, S. Dale (Absent) and Sgt N. Priestley.


725. Declarations of Personal and Prejudicial Interest

Cllr Cockroft sent an update for her declarations to the Clerk. She has resigned from the Carnival Committee and Big Warsop.

Age Concern - Cllr. J. Allin.
CCTV - Cllr. J. Allin.
Meden Vale the Future - Cllr J. Allin.
Welbeck Colliery the Future - Cllrs J. Allin, J. Kerr.
Warsop Town Hall Management Group - Cllrs J. Kerr, S. Moody and J. Allin..
Staff Management - Cllrs J. Kerr and J. Cockroft.
Warsop Carnival - Cllr S. Moody.
SOS - Cllrs S. Moody and J. Kerr.
Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton.
Market Warsop Players - Cllr S. Moody.
Warsop Youth Club - Cllrs S. Moody and J. Cockroft.
Friends of the Carrs - Cllr J. Kerr.
Assoc of Labour Councillors - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, J. Kerr and S. Moody.
Christmas Market - Cllr J. Cockroft.

726. Cllr Moody’s Letter

Members read a letter from Cllr Moody and a discussion took place about the recent issues within the Council. The Clerk informed members that the vote at the November meeting doesn’t stand due to a decision that was taken in the July 16 full council meeting.

RECOMMEND: The decision from the November meeting won’t stand and the yearly review is due in September 2018, when Karen’s (designer) contract is finished. The Council will go out to tender again and ask Karen to re-submit. Quotes for a new printing firm will also be obtained.

727. Warsop & District News Review

As stated in the recommendation for 726. (above).

RECOMMEND: As stated above.

728. Warsop & District News Advert

Stephanie Hoult at West Notts College enquired about a half-page advert price (£170) and if there would be a reduction for a confirmed 5-month consecutive advert. The editor (Cllr Moody) used his discretion and reduced the full cost (£850) by 20% to £680. Stephanie asked for a further reduction to make the total £600 for the 5 adverts, the editor suggested this be brought to the F&GP meeting for members to make a decision.

RECOMMEND: The Clerk is to find out if the advert is to financially aid the college or not. If it isn’t for profit, then the Council will accept the total of £600.

729. Roofing - Quotes

Three quotes were obtained for works to the roof above the clock, replace missing tiles, repair slipped tiles and to clear debris from the guttering’s.

RECOMMEND: To accept D.W. Construction’s quote of £1570.00 as he was best value for money and offered a very detailed description of work.

730. Water Boiler - Quotes

The water boiler (kettle) is due a service and a descale, 3 quotes were obtained ranging from £95-£166+VAT. The Clerk informed members that boiler had broken on the morning of this meeting and would require repairing before the service could be completed.

RECOMMEND: The Council are to decide on whether or not they should keep water boiler or not. If not, the Council will need to decide on whether they are purchasing a kettle just for Parish Councillors and staff or providing one for all other users of the building as well.

731. Elections – Contest Figures

The Clerk updated members on the new figures based on a contest in all four wards in the Parish of Warsop.

Parish Council election estimates

Returning Officer fees - £174.31
Presiding Officers fees - £910.00
Presiding officers training - £134.00
Poll clerks fees - £560.00
Poll clerks training - £133.00
Inspectors - £48.75
Receipt of postal votes assistants - £94.80
Count assistants - £50.00
General stationery - £20.00
Polling station sundry packs for Parish - £40.00
Polling stations - £637.50
Ballot papers - £711.00
Postal voters packs - £2440.00
Royal Mail return postage - £192.00
Royal Mail outgoing postal votes postage - £300.00
Poll cards including postage out - £831.00
Count stationery - £25.00
Reprographics recharges (paper, toner etc) - £10.00
Total estimated costs for Parish election - £7311.36

RECOMMEND: The Council consider saving a quarter of the cost of the £7311.36 each year out of the Parish precept.

732. Any Other Business

The Clerk asked members if Warsop Youth Club would be receiving £4000 from the Parish Council. Cllr Moody said this was agreed last year at the February meeting during the precept options.
The Clerk explained that Cllr Moody’s precept option included £4000 for the Youth Club but it was Cllr Kerr’s option that had the majority vote and that didn’t include a donation to the Youth Club

RECOMMEND: The Council do not donate £4000 to the Youth Club due to it not being included in last years precept decision and the continued high maintenance costs for the Town Hall.

The Clerk informed members about an email she received from Andy Chambers at MDC. He asked if the Parish Council would work in partnership with MDC to promote a hanging basket service for business in the Parish.

RECOMMEND: The Clerk is to ask Andy Chambers for specific details and prices and then bring this item back to the finance working party.

These will be presented to Full Council on 15th January 2018.

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