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Meeting Minutes 30 April 2018

MINUTES of the Parish Council extraordinary meeting held on MONDAY 30TH APRIL, 2018 at 6.30pm upstairs in the Council Chamber, Town Hall.


Cllrs J. Allin (Chairman), J. Cockroft – Vice-Chairman, J. Kerr (MDC), A. Burgin (MDC) S. Dale, S. Adey (MDC), R. Butler.
18 members of public.
NPCC Paddy Tipping, Insp Butler, PC Kev Parsons and Sgt Priestley.
Amanda Cooper (Clerk) and Gemma Blagg (Assistant to the Clerk).



Age Concern - Cllr. J. Allin.
Assoc of Labour Councillors - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, J. Kerr, S. Moody, S. Adey and A. Burgin.
Big Warsop Partnership - Cllrs A. Burgin and S. Adey.
CCTV - Cllr. J. Allin.
Frack Free Warsop - Cllr R. Butler.
Friends of the Carrs - Cllrs J. Kerr and A. Burgin.
Friends of Warsop Vale - Cllr A. Burgin .
Inner Wheel - Cllr. J. Brearley.
Let Warsop Speak - Cllrs D. Barlow & R. Butler.
Market Warsop Players - Cllr. S. Moody.
Meden School Board of Governors - Cllr. S. Adey.
Meden Vale the Future - Cllrs J. Allin & S. Adey.
SOS - Cllrs. S. Moody and J. Kerr.
Warsop Carnival - Cllrs S. Moody and S. Adey.
Warsop Town Hall Management Group - Cllrs. J. Kerr, S. Moody and J. Allin.
Warsop Youth Club - Cllrs. S. Moody and J. Cockroft.
Welbeck Colliery the Future - Cllrs J. Allin, J. Kerr & S. Adey.
Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton.


Cllrs A. Wetton.


The Chairman welcomed and thanked all for attending and asked Paddy Tipping for an introduction.


The Crime Commissioner spoke about austerity measures for the past 10 years and he gave some figures relating to the police service position nationally. Since 2010 the police budget has shrunk by £2.3 billion which is a 25% cut. Police numbers are down by 21,000 and its the lowest for 30 years. The Nottinghamshire budget is near £200 million but since 2010 savings of £54 million had to be made. He said 70% of Nottinghamshire’s money comes from government grants, with 30% raised locally. The grant figure changes when funding cuts are made. He said that he has made some unpopular decisions regarding closing police stations and reducing back office costs. He explained they share resources with other police forces and he gave an example of the Philpott case and that the officer in-charge was from Notts police. He is working on having new IT systems installed locally and nationally. 80% of the budget is spent on officers and staff and they have been lobbying the government for £330 million nationally which would mean Nottinghamshire would have an extra £4.5 million for this financial year and if they meet certain conditions they will receive another £4.5 million next year. This will allow them to employ more officers and in the next few months it should reach 1940 and hopefully increase that to 2000 next year, PCSO numbers are building up to 200. He said that there has been a 12.4% raise in crime nationally. He concluded by saying it’s been tough, but things are starting to improve, and he wants to hear local resident’s views on their issues.

Inspector Butler introduced himself and brief description on his background. He spoke about the beat manager, Kev Parsons and Sgt Priestley and the roles that they do and what that entails. They have been visiting local schools and using social media to promote and inform the public about the police. He said the new police officers that are coming through at the minute are very inspiring and want to make a real difference. He is currently working on getting police officers a laptop, so they can work in the community and implementing a new reprimanding system.


The Chairman asked why do Warsop officers have to go to Mansfield to sign in.
Insp Butler said that they go to the hub for team briefing’s, but they can come straight to Warsop if they wish.
Paddy Tipping said all officers are getting new mobiles and laptops to be more flexible.
Cllr Dale mentioned a neighbour dispute issue that a family friend is having.
Paddy Tipping and Insp Butler said he should speak to PC Kev Parsons.
Cllr Adey said she would email a list of 15 questions to both Paddy Tipping and Inspector Butler. She stated residents were at boiling point and worried about the public’s response to matters that aren’t being dealt with by the police.
Mr Tipping said he would leave his contact details for her.
Cllr Butler asked where the police come from for the fracking protests. He has seen videos of protests and he thinks the attitude of the police is terrible.
Mr Tipping stated people different views on this subject and it would be a matter for the Chief Constable. He asked Cllr Butler to contact him directly to discuss this matter as its something the police take very seriously.
Cllr Kerr stated our current police team is under strain and Warsop Parish need more cover in the area than the figures mentioned earlier.
Mr Tipping explained it would be a matter for the Chief Constable. He said there may be more officers over time but couldn’t give a guarantee. The nature of crime is changing, and he is pushing for more armed officers.
Inspector Butler said CID, response teams and other specialist police officers come to Warsop Parish too.

Cllr Burgin thanked Mr Tipping and the police for attending. He stated that there is an increase in rural crime and crime in general. ASB is another big problem that Cllrs receive lots of reports about from residents.
Inspector Butler said the issue of anti-social behaviour is seen across the district, but it is a small percentage and often its young offenders. They are targeting the small group of offenders with new restriction powers that can restrict offenders meeting certain people or where they can go within the area they live.

Cllr Cockroft asked if building police laptops is to stop them using the office based at the Town Hall.
Inspector Butler explained that the laptops will go to all officers in Nottinghamshire. He said it will help officers write reports while they are at the scene instead of coming back to the office. It also increases people seeing officers and engaging with them.


A youth worker Warsop Youth Club introduced himself and other members/organisations who work in the Parish to provide a service for young people to help keep them off the streets. They have over 100 children attend on Monday nights and run a club for the older youths from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. He spoke about concerns from residents and other positive feedback they receive, and he want ed to make people aware of the local service they are providing. He asked what the police can do to help.
Mr Tipping spoke about the problems the youth service is facing and the funding cuts they have received. He informed the Youth Club that he has a small grants fund that they can apply to.
Inspector said PC Parsons and the PCSOs have spent time talking to young people and visit schools. He advised the Youth Club to speak to PC Kev Parsons as he knows the area well and he gave his full support for Kev to use the resources he needed. He also offered his help with the funding application.

A gentleman informed the police about on-going issues on Clumber Street and surrounding area. It’s a hotspot for anti-social behaviour and increased tensions with the Eastern Europeans in the area. Some of the houses in that area are over occupied and nothing has been done about it.
Insp Butler said he was aware of the issues and PC Parsons has identified half of the offenders involved. They are trying to work with parents and children who are causing disruption to try and stop the issues. He said the local authority do checks for multiple occupancy, but Kev is also helping and working on the problem.

A lady spoke about wanting CCTV at the Carrs car park to help stop the ASB issue that is happening there. She said she has 3 pages of emails of correspondence with the police and wardens. Ringing 101 is often met with a negative response, some have been positive, but she isn’t receiving feedback on what is being done about the problem.
Insp Butler said that there are cameras that can be moved for periods of time to deal with issues in different hotspots. He said they can work with the council and have a 2-week period monitoring it with the cameras.

Bill Power made the police aware of needles, laughing gas and glass bottles for cocaine being left around the park area. He said he doesn’t see any police patrolling the area. Summer is approaching, and the area needs monitoring.

A gent asked what the age of a policeman retiring is in Nottinghamshire.
Mr Tipping said it is normally 30 years and that is because any longer affects their pension.
Insp Butler said he could find out the statistics.

A lady said that trying to report something to 101 is very difficult.
Mr Tipping said 60% of 101 calls are met within time but they are working on new systems for the control room to increase that figure. He also said there is an online system for reporting crimes.

A lady then asked where are the PCSOs as they aren’t seen around the Parish. She asked for statistics and figures of what they do in their role and could an update or report be shown in the Warsop Newspaper.
Mr Tipping said the Parish Council can request an update for the paper.
Insp Butler said an update for the paper can be done by the Warsop team. PC Parsons said their updates on the local Facebook group for those who have access or use Facebook.

A gentleman spoke about incidents on Netherfield Lane and that there is no real hedge line. He offered to stand in that area with speed cameras and move signs.
Cllr Adey said lots of work on speeding has been done by Parish Councillors and members of the public. A petition has been given to NCC with over 2000 signatures on. NCC are erecting extra signage, putting anti-slip surfaces on the roads and extending the speed limit. There is a voluntary speed watch group but there aren’t enough volunteers.

A gentleman asked for CCTV cameras to be installed on Clumber Street where the walk way (known as garden row). People are installing their own CCTV cameras on their properties.
Insp Butler said modern cameras have a wide view and there is one positioned at the bottom of the walk way.

A gentleman spoke about how he sees the whole police service situation with austerity measures, crimes changing, responding to crimes and the justice system.

Mr Tipping said its not just the police service that has had to deal with austerity measures. The campaign the did helped to secure £4.5 million this year and the same next year if targets are met. He suggested that the gentleman should speak to Ben Bradley, so it can be discussed in the House of Commons.

A Gentleman asked who is responsible for on street parking in residential areas that are blocking the roads.
Insp Butler said he overseas all the incidents, letters and calls relating to this matter. The police are visiting schools and educating children, so they can relay the message to parents. The police no longer deal with double yellow lines and restrictions, the county and district councils have enforcement officers who do this role. There is the wilful obstruction of the Highways that the police can deal with and prosecute if necessary.


The Chairman once again thanked everybody attending and those who asked questions. He hoped to arrange another meeting like this again.

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