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Meeting Minutes 17 February 2017

MINUTES of the Parish Council extraordinary meeting held on FRIDAY 17th FEBRUARY, 2017 at Meden School Hall, Warsop.


Cllrs A. Wetton – Chairman, J. Kerr, S. Adey, S. Dale, L. Davis, D. Barlow, S. Moody, A. Burgin, J. Brierley & J. Cockroft.
MDC Councillors –MP Sir Alan Meale, Executive Mayor Kate Allsop, Cllrs, A. Tristram, S. Rickersey, S. Ward, A. Fisher, D. Saunders, D. Smith, B. Answer, R. Sutcliffe, J. Coxhead & M. Barton.
Warsop Parish Council/ MDC Staff/Meden School Staff – 6.
Members of Public – 166.



Big Warsop Partnership - Cllr. J. Cockroft.
Warsop Town Hall Management Group - Cllrs. J. Kerr, S. Moody and J. Allin.
Warsop Carnival - Cllr. J. Cockroft, S. Moody and S. Adey.
SOS - Cllrs. S. Moody and J. Kerr.
CCTV - Cllr. J. Allin.
Age Concern - Cllr. J. Allin.
Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton.
Market Warsop Players - Cllr. S. Moody.
Meden Vale the Future - Cllrs. J. Allin and J. Kerr.
Warsop Youth Club - Cllrs. S. Moody and J. Cockroft.
Friends of the Carrs - Cllr. J. Kerr.
Warsop's Real Poppy Campaign - Cllr L. Davies.
Assoc of Labour Councillors - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, J. Kerr, S. Moody and S. Adey.
Inner Wheel - Cllr. J. Brearley.
Christmas Market - Cllr. J. Cockroft.
Let Warsop Speak - Cllrs D. Barlow & R. Butler.


Cllrs R. Butler & J. Allin, Parish Clerk A. Cooper.


Chairman A. Wetton welcomes and thanked all for attending the meeting. He introduced MP Sir Alan Meale to speak first as he had to leave early due to an engagement that he has in Liverpool this evening also.

MP Sir Alan Meale thanked Warsop Parish Council for this invite tonight and expressed his regret that he would be leaving early. He thanked Warsop Council for the hard work that they had to put in to this issue with the sports centre over the years of which he himself has had some involvement. He explained that he is very worried about the current situation regarding the future of Meden Sports Centre, as is was agreed in the 2015/2016 budget that a new centre for Warsop at an estimate of 8 million would be built, and the same was said at the 2010 budget so this is not a new situation it has been ongoing for some time however the issue of direct investment has been “ducked” and the only thing that has been said, is that it will be done if monies become available….. he explained that lots of money has been available but none has been sort so therefor people are starting to feel like all of this is “hot air”, however resources have dictated and emphasised other needs. He states that the operational costs of the centre are £140’000 per year and that this proves hard for the centre to break even however the centre is not loss making. The rough number of people within the district is 111’000 and 20,000 of those live in Warsop, Mansfield central benefit from a number of leisure facilities, 2 very large complex’s managed by MDC and several smaller private facilities offering the same sort of activities and said that it seems unfair that a large part of the district could go without, other factors that Alan Meale feels relevant to Warsop are that it is tied closely with the school, who have written in to say that without the facility they would not be able to deliver their full curriculum and that 43% of the curriculum is tied in with health, with the centre, the school is tied in with the rest of the district via competition in football, basketball & hand ball etc. Without this facility Warsop would become even more average and isolated and Alan Meale thinks that this would be a very negative thing, he said that the swimming pool serves a more specialist area for example the Muslim ladies group swim here. He stated that the figures from this year suggest that there have been over 110’000 users and with all that said there is a higher ratio of elements to be seen.
Figures show that the pool facilities at Warsop are very well used and that the centre is a purposeful thing that is much needed for the area. He continues to say that Warsop is the only area within the district which is urban and surrounded by lakes and rivers, so to make it more difficult for the children to learn to swim is terrible. This area has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy, the lowest rate of GCSE results and the highest rates of teenage smoking …. this epitomises ill health in the area, Alan said that he had done some work on the health of Mansfield people and shared the following figures – the Warsop area has 17% above the average figures for obesity and one of the highest rates for diabetes and 9% above for the number of over 60’s suffering from terminal illness, with these in mind he thinks that it is time for a fair, honest and just society. An investment of 167,000,000 has been put into Mansfield via central government funding: Mansfield Inner, Mansfield Outer, Rainworth bypass, the old Clipstone pit site, Mansfields new bus station, the football stadium and the supermarkets have all benefited, Warsop got 4.23 million for a new health centre due to the number of elderly terminal illness rates etc. Alan Meale refers back to the sports centre and said “we can borrow, we can ask Notts County Council top gift the land or go to the Notts pension fund who have 1.43 billion invested all over the world, so they could lend to us as the law states that 5% can be used for development, it is not a question of if it is a question of must, all of the factors are there! And to finish on a fair, honest and just society, the local authorities should take decision of what is needed and good politicians make decisions when and where they are needed. I think that we cannot afford to not do it, fairness for all”.

The chairman followed Sir Alans speech with the following statement –
Councillor Tristram has a very difficult decision to make regarding the management of our centre and MDC as the responsible body, have conducted a consultation which has received in the region of 500 responses, which is not a bad result however I feel it could have been better if the school consultation was done individually instead of being approached as one. Meden School in my opinion is the hub of our society, and they have made it clear to MDC that the centre should stay open, the Parish Council support that and the petition which gained over 2700 signatures in favour for it to stay open.
Within the new consultation report which is substantial, it does state that a twelve months’ notice period must be served so therefore the potential close date for the centre would be an approximate date of April 2018, or the other alternative would be for MDC to no cease management. The sport centre is an old building it was built back in 1968 but it has served our community well. The report shows that the major cost involved with the centre is the maintenance and I think that we should have a new centre. At no point in the report does it state that it is a failing centre, in fact it shows that there is a high usage with over 100,000 users in the last year and 2,000 memberships, unfortunately I haven’t got all of the figures despite requesting this information under the freedom of information act. I for one welcome the baths in Mansfield and the windfall sale of the old leisure centre enabled the Rebecca Adlington Centre to be re done and I don’t begrudge either one of the Mansfield centres. But, our centre is very well used and it serves our community. The information gathered from the surveys makes it obvious that the people of the Parish can’t/wont travel to the other facilities. NCC will provide the land, so therefore the centre can make money for MDC but only political will can make this happen. The report suggests also that the centre could be kept open and Councillor Tristram should fully consider this option”.
The chairman hands over to the executive Mayor for comments.


The Executive Mayor thanked Councillor Wetton for inviting her and her cabinet to attend the meeting, she explained that the invite was given when Councillor Wetton had handed in the Petition discussed earlier, she introduced Councillor Tristram who is the portfolio holder for The Environment and stated that he is in listening mode but will be happy to answer questions where possible. The Executive Mayor explained that she and her cabinet had come to tonight’s meeting to listen to the views of the people of Warsop. The Mayor made it clear that MDC were not looking to close the centre as they only provide the management service and that it is an NCC function and NCC building so the decision of closure would be a decision for NCC, she told the public that NCC had been invited to the meeting however no representatives were present. She went on to advised the public that over the years, work had been done to secure grants for the sports centre repeatedly, however despite speaking to NCC, Sports England and Meden School, no funding had become apparent. She explained that the previous portfolio holder had also done quite a lot of work to secure grants and had had the same result. The Executive Mayor closed her comments saying that she was looking forward to hearing how important the centre is to the people of Warsop and that she is happy to listen.

Before opening Public Participation, the chairman asked the Council if they would like to make any contributions to the meeting.

Councillor Moody reiterated that we had been in this situation before, 7 years ago. He asked the Executive Mayor a question – Does Warsop Parish receive equitable investment from Mansfield District?

She responded saying “if you mean do we favour Mansfield differently the answer is no”.
Councillor Moody shared the following information that he had requested via the freedom of information act – In the past 11 years the Warsop Parish has received £44,562 in capital investment, during the same time Mansfield Woodhouse had received £6,000,000 and central Mansfield £10,000,000 which as a percentage from a combined pot equates to Central Mansfield receiving 60.4% Mansfield Woodhouse 37.1% and Warsop only receiving a 2.5% share. Cllr Moody suggests to the Mayor that it is time for her to stand up and make amends, put political will forward and provide Warsop with a new centre.
The Mayor responded by reminding the Parish Council that she had put millions in to the old Royal Estate in Warsop.
Cllr Moody repeated his question and said that the above figures were given by MDC and reiterated 2.5% share for Warsop.
Cllr Brierley told the Mayor that, in this small area we have 7 schools who rely on the usage of the sports centre and that she had been in touch with both the Rebecca Adlington centre and Water meadows, who have both confirmed that they do not have the space to accommodate our schools swimming lessons.
Cllr Tristram said that it is NCC who organise swimming for the schools and that they have discussions with other centres and that they have been assured that there is accommodation at other centres.
Cllr Brierley expresses deep concerns regarding the health implications of losing our centre and tells the mayor and Cllr Tristram that she is amazed that in every respect, Warsop has been neglected by MDC and this has been allowed to happen.

Cllr Tristram makes it clear that the centre building belongs to NCC and that MDC are only looking at ceasing management of the centre, not closing the centre. NCC have got the option to keep the centre open and the option of working with other to manage the centre, he continues by saying that areas of funding have been explored – Warsop Parish Council, NCC, Meden School, County Sports Partnership, Public health Notts, Amateur swimming Association and Sports England but none have available funding for this.
The Chairman states that this is a political problem and that the District Council have a duty to provide Leisure facilities, he explains that our centre (unlike the others) is not an asset for MDC however NCC will gift the land so it could be, he said that Warsop Parish Council is within the lowest tier of political involvement and has no allowances for councillors, we already have a precept to look after the few assets that we do have so the only way that could find any extra money would be to precept more and this would be more expense to the people of our community. He states that the Mayor is responsible for Mansfield and for making decisions for the district and therefore it is unfortunate that the council power is limited.

Cllr Sonya Ward (Head of MDC Labour Group) addressed the meeting with a very passionate speech in favour of keeping the sports centre open and gave the following information – a 2012 consultation that was aimed at families, young people and children asked the Question … Does Warsop have enough recreational facilities to meet needs? The response was that 4 out of 5 people disagreed, that considered the facilities that we have now not if the pool is closed, so she advised that this result will only get worse. She explained that Warsop is a highly deprived and overlooked area with two times the average rate of ill health in the area, this facility is important, physically, mentally and socially. She explained that MDC’s claim to fame is to freeze the council tax, however if year on year since the Independent Forum Party came in, they had increased the Council tax by 1.99% which would be a £2.45 per year increase on band A properties (70% of households within Warsop area are band A) they would have collated 6.3 million pounds and could have used that to build a new centre for Warsop. MDC need to invest in the local area instead of using capital receipts from land disposal on a 7-million-pound hotel investment in Scotland. The parks and the Sports Centre sells Warsop, MDC can’t say that NCC should be responsible as they are not responsible for Rebecca Adlington or Water meadows! MDC should be prioritising delivering services to the people of Warsop and making a commitment to do so.

Cllr John Kerr adds that if Warsop had received the investment from MDC that should have over the years we could have had 2 pools by now and the Mayor should answer to that!


89 year old lady, stood to say that she had used the centre all of her life and said that it had never been maintained. She said that over the years she has signed several petitions regarding certain things in Warsop that MDC have tried to close including - the Pool, Town Hall and the Fire station, she feels that this is unfair.

A member of public asked if money that was put aside for the pool has been used to clear the hospital site?
Cllr Tristram replied that there was never money allocated by MDC. An amendment at the council meeting in January 2015 was to put 8 million in the budget to be funded by getting external funding. There was never any money allocated for it. The Council has not had the money and spent it on something else because the money was never there to do that.

John Hind asked:
1) How can the Mayor ask the school for money when the budgets have been cut so low as it is? He said that budgets are so tight as it is, our local schools struggle to even fund the mini bus fares that can get the children to the local centre never mind having to pay for them to travel further afield, that would not be a practical solution and he reminded people that the curriculum says, children must do swimming and highlighted the additional time that it would take out of the school day for them to travel to other facilities. He moved on to the health of the people and He told the people the history of the sports centre and explained that it was gifted to the people of Warsop for the people of Warsop by John Eastwood following the tragic death of 2 children who drowned in the mill dam, he commented saying that many people will say the same in the fact that the centre has never had any money spent on it by MDC and then he asks if the facility is taken away what will then happen …. There will be no sports facilities for the children of Warsop! He explained that his family had run a swimming club from the centre and looked around whilst saying that half the people in the room had probably been taught to swim in Meden baths and asked what will the children do for swimming if they do not get lessons at school and if their families cannot afford to arrange private ones, and he asked if the Council will be the next ones to stand up and say that they are sorry about the next death in the mill dam but we took the baths away!
He mentioned other activities that the centre is used for, highlighting Football – lots of people all ages use it for five a side and it also provides a warm venue for our children’s football teams to train, he asks how many more sporting activities must we lose? Sport Coaches, parents and supporters give up their own time and petrol etc. how many of those must we lose through them not being able to travel to the other centres?
2) Why has MDC approached the Parish Council for funding, do Mansfield Woodhouse and Central Mansfield residents pay extra for their facilities?
He asks the Mayor and Council to stop hiding behind NCC and each other and to take responsibility.
Cllr Tristram read out a letter dated 1966, a letter from John Eastwood to Warsop Urban District Council stating that the Education Authority would not provide a pool at Meden School because there were not sufficient pupils to provide such a facility as they had done in other areas – there was no intension by the Education Authority or the County Council to provide a pool. It also stated that Warsop Urban District Council did not consider it was in a position to undertake the construction although many requests had been made. The money was provided by John Eastwood because it was something that would be provided but the local councils would not provide. In terms of other facilities on the site, for example, football and recreation facilities – this has been an arrangement where the district council have managed the community use for the school. He stated that there is no reason that the other sporting activities should stop or indeed the pool close, he explained again that they were not deciding on the closure only considering the management of the centre.
John Hind responded saying that this was disgraceful, and that other the other facilities in the district are provided by MDC as they have a duty to do so and that “we pay our rates”. He said that it was completely unfair to consider the content of a letter dated 1966 as the number of residents for one, has grown dramatically.
Cllr Tristram assured the people that the decision will be made on facts, I have come to listen to the resident’s views before I make the decision.

A member of public who lives at Bolsover (where there is no pool) said that he travels to use the facilities here and will often use the town centre shops whilst he is here also, he says that this shows that the centre brings more people in to this area. He asked - how much profit does SERCO make? And asks why MDC/NCC are not standing up to the government to say that this is what’s needed to provide the basics?

Mr Briggs who is involved with the badminton association said that he was very surprised that Sports England have not helped with funding, he is aware that many funds are available and asked if the process had been done, right? He also stated that he feels that any sport association would be keen to support the centre.

John Downie asked the Mayor where the 106 money from the royal estate was allocated? He also said that he felt that the people who had to sell on the Royal estate were robbed!
The Mayor responded saying that all 106 agreements are managed through MDC planning department and are linked with the community where the new build houses are.
John Downie said that he could not see where any benefit of 106 money had been allocated!

Sue Ford stated that she used to work for the old Warsop Urban Council and remembers very well the sports centre being built, she would take bookings for it! She said that it was disgraceful that this sports centre and pool is being discussed by MDC when nobody from NCC is present.
She asked the Mayor and Cllr Tristram - what are the management costs for Water meadows and for Rebecca Adlington centre?
Councillor Tristram said that he had not got those figures with him.
Sue asked “why, you are the portfolio holder”
Councillor Tristram explained that he had come here to talk about Meden Centre and confirms that the management costs/subsidy of that is £140,000, and that the decision is due to the poor condition of the centre.
A member of public states that the centre has never been refurbished and asked why? And went on to say that when the gym at Warsop had new equipment it was second hand.
A member of public says that they feel that Warsop Parish has been continuously failed by MDC, and that it is about time that MDC put their hands in their pockets and gave to this community.
The Mayor said that if these questions are put into writing to her she will happily give them a written response.
Cllr Burgin said that he had asked the same questions in writing and has not had them answered, so asked the Mayor if she will respond to the questions?
Cllr Tristram told Cllr Burgin that he had sent a response to him.
Cllr Burgin agreed but said that it did not contain the relevant answers.
The Chairman added that he had not had a response to his freedom of information request either.

A member of public referred to the Mayor saying that 106 money is used for local communities and asks why the Spion Kop development money was used in Mansfield?
The Mayor explained that if questions are put into writing they will send a written response.
The Chairman advised that the 106 money for Spion Kop was used for the general hospital site which does benefit the whole district so this wasn’t a bad decision as the hospital site had been compulsory purchase by MDC.

A member of public said “we have no Independent Councillors in Warsop, are we being punished”? and also stated, that this is a public meeting so the Mayor should have come more prepared.
The Mayor responded again that 106 money is decided by the Councillors on the planning department and officers with the full knowledge of councillors from this area, and goes on to say that the land and building of the centre belongs to NCC and feels that they should be here tonight, she reiterates that MDC are looking at the management only.

A member of public says that, 200 private swimming lessons are taken at Meden baths and asks, what provisions are in place if it should close? It is stated that Warsop is rated 4th worst regards health in the Mansfield area and 6th worst with regards deprivation. People cannot afford to travel so asks again what is the plan and who’s legal responsibility is it? And finally asks why in the initial agreement was it not put in to place that should MDC cease management NCC will take over?
The Chairman makes it clear that NCC have said that MDC can have the land and there for the centre would become a great asset for MDC.

Edwin Tarrershall spoke in a very emotional and passionate way telling the council that to him this all sounds very political and that the people of Warsop don’t care about that, at the moment, they are only concerned about keeping our centre open. He went on to say that when Rebecca Adlington won gold at the Olympics the Government suggested that this should inspire our children, “We want our centre here and open”. He assured the Council that this facility gets packed out especially on a Friday where you cannot move in the car park for all the people using it. “These facilities belong to Warsop, we deserve them”. He asked what will happen if MDC decide to just give up?
Cllr Tristram thanked everyone for their comments and explained that he will take them all on board and in to account before making his decision.
The Chairman agrees and says that all options should be considered and explored.
A member of public says that money should be re invested into our infrastructure and politics should not be a factor, investing in this will bring more money into our community and will be better planning for the future.

A member of public said that she had been forced to take her 2 children out of the swimming lessons at the Rebecca Adlington centre as she felt it was unsafe due to the number of children in the pool at the same time and with the closure of the Meden facility the situation will only get worse.
Cllr Tristram said that he is not aware of any crowding issues at the Rebecca Adlington centre.

A member of public expressed her view of the situation and said “I am utterly dismayed and offended that the Mayor and her representatives have not inputted anything at all supportive of Warsop” and asked “what is the Mayors vision for Warsop?
The Mayor responded saying that she has come here to listen to the people of Warsop Parish not to talk endlessly, and explained that she had been working hard on getting a supermarket in Warsop which she knows is so desperately needed, she said that she had spoken to Sainsburys who own NETTO in hope to get a supermarket, and this nearly happened, however when Sainsburys got involved with an Argos deal, NETTO pulled out and the build at Warsop fell through. The Mayor expressed her feeling on the Carrs and says that she thinks it’s a beautiful area and that the people of Warsop are lovely and very passionate about wanting the very best, she assures that people that Warsop is part of the district and says that if the decision is taken to cease the management of the centre she is sure that someone will pick it up and that it is a shame that NCC has not sent a representative to give their view. The County Councillor for Warsop isn’t here, the portfolio holder at County isn’t here and the Labour leader at County isn’t here – they have been invited. The Chairman announced that he would be standing for Labour in the County Council elections in May and assures the people that should he be elected, he would always be committed to attend meetings such as this.

A member of public asked for clarity on who’s responsibility it is to provide leisure facilities?
The Chairman answers – The District Council and states that a new build does not have to cost 8 million but could cost between 4 and 5 million pounds.
Cllr Tristram corrects the chairman and says that “leisure is not a statutory responsibility of the District Council”.
The Chairman responds – “It may not be a statutory duty, however, MDC provided other centres within the district and we deserve the same”.

A school pupil asks “why should my school be expected to pay for the pool?”
Cllr Tristram replies that the centre was built as part of the school. Other schools have facilities and manage the community use themselves - however we do not expect them to supply full funding but to be in partnership with MDC.

A member of public spoke about when Warsop Council was an urban Council and her Dad was the Chairman, he encouraged the baths, however with the takeover by MDC back in 1974 she believes that that was the death of Warsop. She advised the Council that she is aware that within other centres swimming lessons for children have consisted of 5 minutes in the pool due to the number of children being taught at one time.

A member of public said that her worry is that without a local pool facility the current situation regarding obesity will worsen and feels that being stripped of such facilities is disgusting.

A member of public asked the difference between maintenance and management because there is a general concern that the maintenance has not been kept up to date and therefore cleanliness is an issue.
Cllr Tristram answers that they have a joint agreement and that NCC are responsible for the larger items in the centre.

Cllr Fisher asked to raise some points – she asked cllr Tristram if he had ever tried to get a bus from Meden Vale to Mansfield? She said that during the night you can’t and during the day there are very few so in closing the centre a bigger issue will be caused regarding young people’s safety.
Cllr fisher said that she knows of a local school having to use pool facilities in Worksop as the other facilities within this district were unable to accommodate them. She said that Water Meadows have had 100k spent on a new café within the centre and states that yes it has a play area but it is also cramped and lacks wheelchair access, she feels that that money could have been better spent at Meden Baths. She continues to say that she agrees with this community in being disheartened, over the years, Warsop has taken a decline but she feels that with a new centre people will use it and the other shops and cafés in the area too. Cllr Fisher asked Cllr Tristram and the Mayor how many grants in total have actually been applied for to refurb or re build our centre?
Cllr Tristram replied saying that he had spoken to and consulted several opportunities but has found that no funding is available.
Cllr Fisher asked “have you actually filled in application forms?”
Cllr Tristram replied “yes”.
Cllr Fisher asked for a copy of the application via email.
Cllr Tristram thanked Cllr Fisher for her comments and advised that he would be taking account of them on Tuesday and stated that he had already got details of bus routes covering all of Warsop and Meden Vale.

An ex vicar of Ollerton compared what has happened in Ollerton but has not in Warsop – He explained that Ollerton had a population of 7,500 people and has 2 supermarkets and 1 sports centre and stated that he had worked hard with the youth activities in Ollerton and had applied for 17 grants …. “number 17 was successful!” He feels that Warsop does not get a fair deal and hoped that this meeting would be a turning point.
The Mayor agreed that you do keep applying for grants – we have done but the first thing that Sports England or any other big bodies ask is, what support is given by NCC who own the building.
The Chairman Reiterates that NCC will provide the land.
Cllr Tristram states that the only land that NCC can do anything with is the existing footprint of the leisure centre and car park , the rest is leased out to the school and it would cost several hundred thousand pounds to take down.

A member of public expressed her absolute disappointment in the way that the Mayor and her representative had conducted themselves during this meeting, showing no emotion whatsoever for Warsop.
And another member of public said that MDC need to look at this as an opportunity to sort out the problem and look in to the correct figures to begin to understand that if a new facility is built, people will use it.

Cllr John Kerr explained that he had worked on this project for over 8 years and that 8 million was allocated within the budget for a new build. His feeling is that the cabinets response to the meeting makes it clear that they are not interested in Warsop and said in gest that he wouldn’t be surprised if they build a wall!
Cllr Barlow (WPC) spoke to the Mayor and Cllr Tristram saying that in any documentation of MDC Warsop is portrayed as a bustling vibrant market town and this is not the case but that is what we were and that is what we want back! She questioned if the closure of Meden Centre had anything to do with a potential, new larger facility being built at Thoresby? She told them that Warsop needs Meden Sports Centre re built and said that we all pay our taxes and that they have a responsibility.

The Chairman said that Cllr Tristram has a difficult decision to make on Tuesday and hoped that the decision would be made based on all of the information gathered, he advised the public that the meeting would be held at MDC Mansfield at 12pm and that they would be welcome to attend when Cllr Tristram delivers his verdict. He explained that there is need for political will to achieve a new sports centre what the people of Warsop Parish so need and what MDC should supply.
Cllr Tristram agreed that all information and comments will be taken on board.

Ann Marchant voiced passionately and emotionally that unfortunately she thinks that Councillor Tristram has already made his mind up, however, she is sure that the figures and points raised tonight should be looked in to before an informed and fair decision is concluded. She also made it clear that if a decision is made on Tuesday without any further investigation to tonight’s questions and statements it will be obvious that the decision had already been taken, as she believes that it would be impossible for Councillor Tristram to consider thoroughly everything that has been mentioned at this meeting within the time frame that he has.
Cllr Tristram reiterates that he has a lot to look through and the decision will be taken considering the documentation content and points raised tonight and he assured the people that he had not made his mind up yet.

The ex-vicar stood to propose a motion – that the lack of facilities in Warsop are discussed individually at length during the full council meeting at MDC, several people 2nd this motion and all hands were raised in favour!
A member of public asked for the peoples feeling of no confidence in the district Council is documented and that the general consensus that they are unable to make an informed and fair decision on the future Meden Sports Centre is apparent.

Cllr Moody shared that the lack of contribution from the cabinet and the percentage figures that have been supplied earlier does prove the political involvement in making these decisions and that now is the time for change and for MDC to make amends, he told the public that the Mayor took out a two-page spread in the Chad prior to her election advertising an allocated budget allowing a new sports centre to be built in Warsop, and nothing has come of it. For 43 years Warsop has been neglected, this needs to change!

Cllr Tristram sounded his disappointment that at no time over the last few months, other than a question at a Council meeting, have any of the Warsop Councillors, District Councillors or County Councillors been to see him to discuss anything about this issue.


The Chairman thanked the Executive Mayor for accepting his invite for the meeting and the members of public for their input, He also thanked the 2,700 people who had signed the petition in favour of the centre staying open/being replaced which had been taken to MDC and stimulated debate at the Full Council Meeting. He reminded the public that this decision would be an executive one made by Executive Mayor Kate Allsop.

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