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Meeting Minutes 18 July 2016

MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on MONDAY 18th JUNE, 2016 at 6.30pm upstairs in the Council Chamber, Town Hall.


Cllrs, J. Allin Vice-Chairman(NCC) J. Kerr, (MDC), S. Moody, S. Adey (MDC), J. Brealey, L. Moody and S. Dale.
members of public.


Cllrs B. Dawson, P. Crawford, A. Wetton Chairman (MDC), J. Cockroft.
Cllr J. Allin (Vice-Chairman) Chaired the meeting in the Chairman’s absence and read out the following statement

Chairman’s address

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not being able to chair tonight’s meeting, I always take our meetings very seriously and this is the first time that I haven’t been able to attend as Chairman. However, I will be at the special meeting on Wednesday where Andrew Towlerton will be making a presentation on the Neighbourhood plan and I have also arranged for Martin Saxton, head of planning at MDC to attend. He will be able to explain how the Neighbourhood & Local Plans will impact on the outline Planning Application that has been submitted by Pegasus Group, he will also be able to give detailed insight into the Planning Process and a time scale of how this Application is expected to progress. I am sure that there will be plenty of questions on Wednesday.

If any questions are put, at tonight’s public participation, I suggest that these are noted and fully researched with the answers given at Wednesday’s special meeting.

On other key local issues, I can report that the Planning Application for a NETTO Supermarket on the old Eastwood site is going to the Planning Committee on Monday 25th July 2016, with recommendation to accept. The objections by Nott’s CC highways were withdrawn/resolved and the recommendation to accept includes demolition of the old cinema building. The delay’s surrounding the Application have been frustrating, but the outcome is good news and I thank all members of public for their enthusiastic support over the last 12 months since the NETTO presentation at the Parish Council meeting in August 2015. I hope that we can maintain our public support and I urge Bill and any other members of the petition campaign group to register to attend and speak in support of the Application on Monday 25th July at 5pm. I believe the acceptance of the NETTO planning application is a positive message for Warsop, however the public announcement that Sainsbury’s are not continuing their partnership with NETTO would indicate that NETTO may be unlikely to proceed with a new build store development in our town. I’m afraid that we can only wait to see what the future holds.



No report or police present. It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk should contact Inspector Nick Butler as to why we have no police present or even a police report.


Bill Power began public participation by talking about his disgust regarding the state of the War Memorial area, he reported it to MDC on the 3rd June 2016 who asked if he would like to make an official complaint which he did and the issue was dealt with within 4 days. However, he later reported the rubbish left after the Carnival and has had no reply by MDC but commended the carnival committee and the volunteers for all of their efforts in the clear up. He also mentioned the objections from NCC for the Netto planning application and referred to the section about traffic and lorry issues, and he stated they were just the same as the issues residents have when the co-op has their delivery and it is parked part on the pavement and road but nothing is said.

John Brealey updated the council on information that he had received regarding the potential NETTO store being built on the old Eastwoods site – He has emailed Jo Mast Developments asking what the next steps moving forward are with the planned development and his reply indicated that NETTO will proceed with the planning application however proceeding with the new build is unlikely. John moved on to express his concerns with regards to the 70 houses being built which have been approved by Bassetlaw Council just outside of Meden Vale – He raised issues with the road from this area as it will exit through Meden Vale and has also questioned where the planning money which is generated from the build will be used, in particular the education allowance of over £11,000.

Karen Hardy then updated the council on the Let Warsop Speak progress and stated that the group have delivered over 1000 leaflets and have already received over 130 objection letters with lots more done online which is positive news.

Halina Kochanowski concluded public participation on behalf of Warsop Youth Club handing out leaflets showing activities for the summer which are aimed at youngsters between 11yrs & 17yrs old, the activities program has been completed and they are just waiting on the funding which they are hoping Big Warsop can provide.


Cllr S. Moody began by thanking Bill for his update. Cllr S. Moody expected that MDC would have provided more in the way of bins (as they only sent 12), litter bags and pickers considering that the Carnival is the 2nd largest community event held within Nottinghamshire, However, agreed that the Carnival volunteers with the help of the Carnival security, had done a great job in clearing up after the event.

Cllr S. Moody also praised the Let Warsop Speak group on their sterling work so far and mentioned that as agreed at the F&GP meeting held 13th July 2016 the Parish Council are happy to fund the leaflets.

Cllr S. Moody then refers to the youth club and proposed that the Parish Council help with the funding to which Cllr J. Allin suggested this should go to the next F&GP meeting so the Parish Council could look at ways of helping Warsop Youth Club.

Cllr J. Allin moved on to discuss John Brealey’s questions regarding the new houses near Meden Vale – He advised that 64 houses are to be built and that in March 2016 the planning officer involved agreed that the planning money shall be designated to Meden Vale. Cllr S. Moody confirmed that the Local school is owned by Nott’s County Council and the local authorities are responsible in providing enough school places.


Big Warsop Partnership - Cllr. J. Cockroft
Warsop Town Hall Management Group - Cllrs. P. Crawford, J. Kerr, S. Moody and J. Allin.
Warsop Carnival - Cllr. J. Cockroft, S. Moody and Sharron Adey.
SOS - Cllrs. S. Moody, P. Crawford and J. Kerr
CCTV - Cllrs. J. Allin and P. Crawford
Age Concern - Cllr. J. Allin
Welbeck Colts - Cllr. A. Wetton
Market Warsop Players - Cllr. S. Moody
Meden Vale the Future - Cllrs. J. Allin and J. Kerr
Warsop Youth Club - Cllrs. S. Moody and J. Cockroft
Friends of the Carrs - Cllrs. J. Kerr and P. Crawford
The Friends of Thynghowe - Cllr. B. Dawson
Warsop's Real Poppy Campaign - Cllr. L. Moody
Warsop Vale Village Association - Cllr. P. Crawford
Assoc of Labour Councillors - Cllrs. A. Wetton, J. Allin, P. Crawford, J. Kerr S. Moody and S Adey
Inner Wheel - Cllr. J. Brearley.

9514. MINUTES OF F&GP MEETING – Wednesday 13th July, 2016.

612. LCR magazine subscription – A vote was put forward to the council regarding the cancellation of the subscription and the result was a unanimous decision to cancel.

619. A.O.B – Christmas Closing times for the Town Hall – A vote was put to the council and a unanimous decision was made to close 21st December 2016 – 4th January 2017.

All Recommendations agreed and accepted as a true record.

9515. MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – Monday 20th June 2016

2016. Accepted as a true record.


Cllr J. Allin advised that the empty shops are being sold at auction in three separate lots, one shop starting at £45,000, another at £125,000 and the third lot is £150,000 plus, he stated however that because of the repairs that are needed and the starting price, they are out of the Parish Councils reach to purchase. He suggested that it would be possible for the investors to use them as flats if shop rental was not fulfilled.


All Councillors were issued with the new user manual for the Town Hall and the new costs of room hire which contained from prices of £10 per hour and reductions for charities and communal events were given. The Parish Clerk advised the Councillors that an email will be sent from her advising staff holiday dates and possible dates that cover might be required at the Town Hall.


Carnival statement update from Cllr, J. Cockroft (Chairman – Warsop Carnival Committee)

Once again the Carnival proved a great success with 56 stalls and an estimated attendance of 4’500 people. We had some fantastic floats on our parade and the competition for the best float’s results are as follows -

1st – Hetts lane Holiday Club & Warsop Children’s Centre
2nd – Netherfield Infant School
3rd – Birklands Primary School

No issues with regards to security or first aid were reported – overall a fantastic day!

Cllr J. Brealey added to this that she was in the hospitality tent and commented on the fantastic family atmosphere, she wanted to Thank the whole Carnival team.

Cllr J. Alin stated he had invited the police off road bikers but they did not attend. A vote took place to ask the Clerk to write to the police off road bikers as to why we haven’t seen them around Warsop.


Halina Kockanowski updated the council on the latest news from the Big Warsop AGM, stating that she stood down along with Michael Smith but lots of new members have joined. A new funding plan has been agreed and their next meeting is in August.


Cllr S. Moody updated – the next edition will be 24 pages with 4 full pages being Carnival and it will be going to print next week. Unfortunately, due to paper deadline dates and planning application dates etc. there is no coverage this month of the planning application.


Cllr J. Kerr advised that the flood risk issues have been added into the plan as he requested, but there is no mention of the leisure centre that Warsop desperately needs and sports and leisure also needs bolstering up, so he will be asking for that to be added and will have the new issue of the Neighbourhood Plan ready for the meeting on Wednesday 20th July 2016.


Current Account - £37,057.20 (as of 23rd June 16)
Premier Account - £33,754.11 (as of 9th May 16)
2 Shires Credit Union - £15,000.00 (as of 6th July 16)
Interest - £92.51

All payments were agreed to be paid.

  • Payments already paid:
    • V01526. Warsop Carnival - £4,000.00
    • V01527. Kiel Tranter - £250.00
    • V01528. D2studio - £1,000.00
  • Payments due to be paid:
    • V01529. Cash - Delivery of W&DNs - £380.00
    • V01530. Cash - Postage - £70.00
    • V01531. Minster Cleaning - £588.83
    • V01532. Mortons - £1,163.00
    • V01533. Konica Minolta - £188.35
    • V01534. Second Element - £176.40
    • V01535. NALC (Parish Councillor Training) - £75.00


Cllr Allin attended a meeting regarding fracking in the area and updated as follows– The meeting was very well attended and some common *myths were overcome. *Fracking causing Earthquakes – Cllr, Allin assured the council and the public that there has been no proven evidence that this has ever happened. *Fracking can contaminate our water – Drilling is to a depth of 900 metres which is well below our water depth so therefor no pollution can get into our water supply. Safeguards have been put into place in form of a traffic light system which can monitor and detect issues may they arise and drilling can stop immediately.

Cllr Allin moved onto the development of 'Welbeck colliery the future' – The Bio Gas development is complete and is expected to supply Meden Vale by the end of the month and is already providing employment for Meden Vale.

Talks are in place with Roger Wright who owns a wood chip company, for him to bring his company to the site, and another company providing dry ice to the aviation industry and another making petroleum could also provide employment to the area. The recreation area of the ‘pit tip’ is underway and will be due for completion in 12 months, it will include cycle tracks, picnic areas, a car park and if there is enough interest a community café.

Cllr Allin went on to say that no decision about the railway which was discussed in previous minutes, has been made yet but he is still optimistic on this happening.

Finally, Cllr Allin stated that he had been presented with a problem from a local resident, which involved the resident being unable to obtain UK passports for his children. Cllr Allin asked the council for any advice on this matter, to which Cllr Dale said that they would need to take the British birth certificates of the children to the relevant passport office and there should be no issue, the advice was noted.

Cllr Adey continued on, and thanked Cllr Allin on behalf of a local resident who was effected by the recent floods, for all of his help in the matter.


Cllr J. Kerr stated that other than the licencing and planning meetings no other meetings are held so therefore no updates to report.

Planning Applications

  • Spring Farm, Sookholme Road, Sookholme, NG19 8LN – Detached building to form garage, garden store, tackroom and first floor storage.
  • 16 Netherfield Lane, Church Warsop, NG20 0RR – Notification of a proposed larger home extension under the town and country planning (general permitted development) (England) order 2015 for a single storey rear extension.
  • Rheinwood Farm, Carter Lane, Warsop Vale, NG20 8XF – Application for prior notification of agricultural or forestry development under the town and country planning general permitted development order 2015 schedule 2, part 6 – proposed grain store.
  • Woodlands way, off Mansfield Road, Spion Kop, NG20 0FN – Re-submission of planning ref: 2015/0741/NT – Boundary fence adjacent to Mansfield Road, Woodlands Way and the northern site boundary and kitchen extraction unit to serve care home – retrospective.
  • Longden Terrace Miners Welfare Social Club and Bowls Pavillion, Bainbridge Road, Warsop, NG20 0NQ – Application for prior notification of proposed demolition of the miner’s welfare and bowls pavilion buildings.
  • 8 Lings View, Warsop, NG20 0HB – Notification of a proposed larger home extension under the town and country planning (general permitted development) (England) order 2015 – single storey rear extension.
  • The Carrs (car park), Church Road, Church Warsop – Change of use from public open space (car park) to mixed use of food retail (A5 and A3 use) and public open space – retrospective.
  • Land to the South of Stonebridge Lane, Warsop – Outline application (including access) for up to 400 dwellings, together with associated highways works, public open space, landscaping and associated drainage infrastructure including SUDs features.

Cllr S. Moody proposed that Warsop Parish Council write an objection letter for the land south of Stonebridge Lane planning application. This was seconded by Cllr Adey and unanimously agreed. Cllr Kerr abstained from voting and any discussions on this matter due to him being on the planning committee.

The Carrs

No update

Meden Baths

Cllr Kerr is still collecting signature’s regarding getting a new leisure centre and will be for the next month.


Monday 19th September 2016

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