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Extraordinary Meeting Agenda 4 November 2021

You are hereby summoned to attend an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting to discuss and approve items that are considered urgent and have been delayed due to the previous 2 council meetings being cancelled, held at The John Fretwell Complex, Sookholme on THURSDAY 4TH NOVEMBER 2021 at 6.00pm. In order ensure there is a quorum, please telephone the Clerk on 846011 prior to the day of the meeting if you are unable to attend.


Clerk to Warsop Parish Council


  • Receive any Declarations of Interest
  • Receive any Apologies for Absence
  • To review and agree the quarterly expenditure and income
  • To review, discuss and agree proposals for the 2022/23 budget
  • To discuss the Parish Councils ASB Outreach Program and agree its continuation
  • To discuss and agree the Parish Councils earmarked funds
  • To update and discuss the meeting with MDC regarding the Town Hall Agreement
  • Close meeting

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Tel: 01623 846 011