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Extraordinary Meeting Agenda 24 April 2024

You are hereby summoned to attend an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting to discuss and sign the contract from Mansfield District Council for the Town Hall asset transfer to Lifespring Church and to discuss a contingency plan if the contract is not signed/exchanged at the end of April 24, held at the Town Hall in the Council Chambers on WEDNESDAY 24TH APRIL 2024 at 6.00pm. In order ensure there is a quorum, please telephone the Clerk on 846011 prior to the day of the meeting if you are unable to attend.


Clerk to Warsop Parish Council


  • Receive any Declarations of Interest
  • Receive any Apologies for Absence
  • To discuss and sign the contract for the asset transfer with the sale of the outbuilding amendment.
  • To discuss a contingency plan should the asset transfer contract exchange not take place at the end of April.
  • Close Meeting

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Tel: 01623 846 011