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The Parish Council

History of Warsop Parish Council

The Local Government Act, 1858, was adopted for the parish of Warsop in 1863, when it was decided that the number of persons to be elected as members of the Local Board should be six. The first meeting was held on 7th September, 1863, when Richard Henry FitzHerbert Esq. was elected the first Chairman. Under the Local Government Act, 1894 the Urban District Council was constituted and the number of members increased to twelve by order of the County Council, one third retiring each year. The first meeting of the Council was held on 2nd January, 1895.

The Inaugural Meeting of Warsop Parish Council was held on Monday 26th November, 1973 where it was stated that in relation to the invitation by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, the Warsop Urban District Council had authorised an application for the Urban District to be constituted as a Parish, and it was pleasing to note the application had been granted since under the Local Government (Successor Parishes) Order, 1973, which came into operation on 6th July, 1973, the Warsop Parish Council was formed. The members of the Warsop Urban District Council also became members of the Parish Council under Paragraph 13 (2) of Schedule 3 to the Local Government Act, 1972. This first meeting was, therefore, a momentous occasion in the further Historic life of Warsop, since by the formation of a Parish under Local Government Reorganisation the Community of Warsop remained intact with a separate function and definite ideas for the future well-being of its inhabitants, within the larger District of Mansfield, the name given to the New District Council, comprising the Borough of Mansfield, together with the Urban Districts of Mansfield Woodhouse and Warsop.

The Parish Council to this day is run with 12 members and holds 10 meetings per year which public are invited to. Mansfield District Council own most of the Parish with exception of the Town Hall and High Street car park, which the Parish Council purchased to ensure that the building would not be demolished and the land sold off for development same as the car park.

The Parish Council is non-political and works solely for the good of the community, they fought to save our swimming pool, the fire station and a police contact point. They work with numerous community groups and support the Carnival each year both financially and running it from the Town Hall.

They work as a pressure group to ensure Warsop gets its fair share of services. Many of them sit on various committees helping to pull the community together.

They also offer small grants to community groups under section 137.

There are 4 wards:

Mansfield District Council

Warsop Carrs: Cllr. Andrew Burgin.

Netherfield: Cllr. Sharron Adey.

Meden: Cllr. Andy Wetton.

Market Warsop: Cllr. John Kerr.

Parish Council

Warsop Carrs: Cllrs. John Kerr and Debra Barlow.

Netherfield: Cllrs. Sharron Adey, John Allin and Andrew Burgin.

Meden: Cllrs. Andy Wetton, Roy Butler and Wayne Williamson-Cooper.

Market Warsop: Cllrs. Jen Cockroft, Linda Davies, Sean Dale.


Councillor Jen Cockroft - Chairman

20 Bainbridge Road, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts, NG20 0ND

Tel: 07712 694303

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Councillor Andrew Burgin - Vice Chairman - District Councillor

57 Sycamore Street, Church Warsop, Mansfield, Notts, NG20 0TL

Tel: 07843 675765

declaration   Declaration of Interest

Councillor John C Allin

11 Gleadthorpe Cottages, Netherfield Lane, Meden Vale, Mansfield, Notts, NG20 9PE

Tel: 01623 842758

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Councillor Andy Wetton - District Councillor - County Councillor

11b Sherwood Street, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts, NG20 OJP

Tel: 01623 842138

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Councillor Wayne Williamson-Cooper

45 The Burns, Warsop, Mansfield, Notts, NG20 0QW

Councillor John Kerr - District Councillor

8 King Road, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts, NG20 0BH

Tel: 01623 845315

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Councillor Sean Dale

31 Princess Avenue, Warsop, Mansfield, Notts, NG20 0PY

Tel: 07962 986169

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Councillor Linda Davis

5 Wood Street, Warsop, Mansfield, Notts, NG20 0AX

Tel: 07527 836522

declaration   Declaration of Interest

Councillor Sharron Adey

170 Beck Crescent, Mansfield, Notts, NG19 6SW

Tel: 07988 756095

declaration   Declaration of Interest

Councillor Roy Butler

6 The Hawthorns, Warsop, Mansfield, Notts, NG20 0DP

Tel: 01623 842605

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Councillor Debra Barlow

64 Marples Ave, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. NG19 9HB

Tel: 01623 378121

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Clerk & Proper Officer

Mrs Amanda Cooper

Warsop Parish Council, Town Hall, Church Street, Market Warsop, Mansfield, Notts, NG20 OAL

Tel: 01623 846 011


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Tel: 01623 846 011